Monday, October 28, 2013

What A Great Monday!

It was another busy Monday here at the CDLL! The children were excited to see the new additions added to the rooms while they were home over the weekend. 

The children were surprised to find small Lego's in the Maple room rather than the chunky Lego's. Some of the popular items made were monster trucks, race cars, and houses. 


Some pumpkins were added to the sensory tables in the Walnut room. The children used hammers to nail golf tees into the pumpkins. They were eager to nail different designs. Taylor said, "You have to hammer hard because this pumpkin is tough." While Wesley said, "Nail it like this to make a mouth."

Mr. Jonaitis was pretending to be a bear while playing outside. The children took turns riding on the bear, and pretending to be a bear beside him. They fed him many types of food including sticks and various leaves.

Many of the boys began to play football while outside, some played defense while others played offense. They were able to manage their own play and engage in rough and tumble play. Each time they scored a touchdown they would yell, "touch-down!" There were even a couple doing victory dances!

-Ms. Chludil


Teaching Strategies Gold 
Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations
-Balances needs and rights of self and others

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