Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adventurous Day in Pod A!

Today was a busy but calm day. Mrs. Potter and Ms. Weller took groups of students on walks to explore photography and nature. In the Walnut room, the water wall was very popular. The children took apart the wall and put it back together to create a new route for the wooden balls to travel.

In the Oak room, the children explored the water marbles! They discovered that the marbles were cold, squishy, and bounced. Also in the Oak room, the children continued to paint pumpkins picked from the garden. These painted pumpkins will soon be a table decoration in the lunch room.

During center time outside, the children made a very long track with puzzle blocks. The children walked back and forth on it while maintaining their balance. Mr. Jonatis took a group of children out into the zen garden and played a game. He would spin the football and the children would have to run up and kick it.

Teaching Strategy: Physical #5-Demonstrates balancing skills

Jenna Asaro

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