Monday, October 21, 2013

A Chilly Monday!

The CDLL was busy this morning! The children went on a field trip to the CMU football stadium. It was a long walk and many children were eager to wear hats and gloves. Some of the CDLL parents were also able to join us on the field trip. 

The football players showed us the indoor practice field. The children were surprised when they touched the turf. Many noticed how different it was from real grass. They enjoyed asking the football players questions. 

We were also able to explore the locker room. Many of the children talked about how the locker room looked like their cubbies at the CDLL.

Some of the children even put on the players helmets and pads!

This player lifted many children up to the the field goal post!

The players explained the blocking dummies to the children and they were able to practice their hits right alongside the players.

The honors student Jill also came this afternoon. The children made camouflage vests out of paper bags and leaves!

Even though it was a chilly Monday we did lots of activities and had tons of fun!

-Ms. Chludil

Teaching Strategies Gold
Social-Emotional Objective #3
Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations.

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