Thursday, October 30, 2014

Farmers Market Thursday!

Since the beginning of the school year, in the Pine room, there has been a market set up for the children to pretend play with. Every other week we would add new materials and vegetables that were currently being harvested. Therefore, today we went on a field trip to the Island Park for the Farmers Market. The children explored and walked through the market and then played at the Timber Town playground. The children also had a picnic lunch at the park. After arriving back from the field trip the schedule began with rest time and was the same the rest of the day. The weather was cold and cloudy but the children still enjoyed the market, it was the talk of the afternoon. The teachers were asking children about what they saw at the market and their responses were pumpkins, popcorn seeds, guards, squash, soap, honey sticks, honey, jam, and different kinds of apples. Also, this afternoon the children had a special snack, the lights were turned down and there were candles and lights located around the room. There was oranges and celery offered to the children. This was also the talk of the afternoon when we were playing outside. Hope you enjoy the pictures from the field trip! 

Destiny, NA'Zya, Katherine, Elizabeth, and Ellianna were playing on the tire swing.
Aya and Annabella were looking at pumpkins that had paintings on them.

Casey, A.J., Cooper, and Carter were eating a picnic lunch

Social Studies: Explores change related to families people and places
Hope you have a great weekend! 
Miss Melching and Miss Yost

We went to the Farmer's Market!

Today the children went on a field trip. We took a bus from school down to farmers market at Island Park. Axel and Carter shared that this was their first time riding a bus. When we got to the farmer's market, the children explored the market going from stand to stand. After we explored the farmer's market we went over to Timber Town. The children were able to explore wood play ground, sing on the swings and tire swings. After Timber Town, Pod A and Pod B ate lunch together under the pavilion. When we got back, the afternoon went as usual. There was a special snack today, the children were able to eat by candle light. 

Mrs. Weller, Gabrielle, Kaden, AJ, Cooper, and Violet stopped to smell the different scents of soap.

Olivia L, Violet, Savanna, Luke, and Sarah all bounced together on the rubber bridge.

Miss. Strobl, Jace, Casey, and Christopher decided to ride in the back of the bus on the way back to school.

Katherine and Elizabeth rode the tire swing in Timber Town.
Social Studies: Shows basic understanding of people and how they live.
Have a good weekend!
Miss. Minner and Miss. Strobl

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Today was an eventful day in the CDLL, we added new molds to the moon sand in the discover room, and the children were able to make sand creations. In the pretend room, Micah and PJ were pretending to drive to Chicago where they went on a shopping spree. Some students had a picnic. Nikayla and Cynthia opened their own shop, they sold shoes and purses. Outside the students built a structure out No End Connects.

Have a great day! Ms. Ciampa
TS gold: Cognitive #12

Chilly Wednesday

CDLL Families,

Today the children experienced a colder day but were still able to enjoy time outside. For the past few weeks in the Oak room, the children have had the opportunity to work with items from nature in a more artistic way. This week, Mud paint was added to the easels for the children to paint with. Also at the finger painting area acorns have been introduced as a painting aide. Within the room the children are also able to sketch corn and use watercolor to paint in what they are drawing. It has been enjoyable for the teachers to see the children experiencing different art forms and seeing what they create with the materials.
"I am making brown to match the seeds." - Luke

Pelumi traced the corn because he wanted to get the correct texture for his painting.

Ofure used the acorns to create artwork. While painting she said, "I made a rainbow."
Have a great night!
Stacey Jackson

Teaching Strategy - The arts #33: Explores the visual arts

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Windy Tuesday!

Today started off chilly but the weather gradually warmed up throughout the day. In the morning in the Maple room, the drafting table was busy. Jace drew a picture of an egg and Dominic drew an airplane. Axel, Ela, Danny, and Dakoda built a ramp with blocks on top of it and were driving the toy cars down it. Dakoda also discovered how to spin the K'NEX like a top. In the Pine room, Elizabeth, Gigi and Cynthia pretended to throw a birthday party for their older sister. Cooper pretended to be a hairstylist and washed A.J.'s hair. Since the weather got warmer in the afternoon we closed the Oak and Maple rooms to allow the children more time outside. Mrs. Potter, Daniel, Olivia L, William, Marcilynn, Sarah, Gigi, Elizabeth, and Ellianna harvested the Marigolds in the Rainbow Garden. They put some in the compost bin and saved the flower heads to use in the collage area. 

Axel, Ela, Dakoda, and Danny drove their cars down the structure. As they were building it Ela said,  "I'm helping Danny." 

Dakoda used his hands and spun the K'NEX structure he made. 

Ellianna, Gigi, and Elizabeth cut the flower heads off of the dead Marigolds.

Have a wonderful week! We hope to see everyone for our field trip on Thursday!
-Miss Strobl and Miss. Minner

Teaching Strategies Gold: Science and Technology: Demonstrates knowledge of earths environment.

Harvesting in the Fall

This afternoon was beautiful. We were able to close down the Oak and Maple room and open the outside. While being outside for a longer period of time the children were able to help harvest the flowers. Marcilyn, NA'Zya, Aidan, William, Daniel, Brooke, Destiny, Cynthia, Olivia L., Tony, and Sarah were cutting the flowers and putting them into a basket. In the morning, in the Oak Room, Aidan, Brooke, Gabrielle, Tony, Nikayla, and Olivia K. spent time at the acorn painting table. Also, Sanuthi, Olivia L., Tony, Dakoda, and Nikayla spent time making impressions into the clay. In the Walnut room, Annabella and Marcilyn were working with the water beads in the light table, Andrew and NA'Zya were working together at the magnet board and were taking turns rolling the ball to see what basket it would land in, the moon sand was also fairly popular.  The children used tools, to work in the moon sand.  Also, the water table was very popular.  Andrew, Olivia L, Jace, Marcilyn and Annabella were using the tools in the water table for various activities. Here's a look at some of the pictures to go with the above interesting today.

Have a Great Wednesday and Looking forward to our field trip on Thursday

Miss Melching and Miss Yost

Teaching Strategy Objective:
Science and Technology
Demonstrates knowledge of Earth's Environment 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday was Fine-Motor Day!

Today, the children were engaged with their activities in building something or playing with someone. Here's a look at what went on today...

Isabell and Jamie were building a tower out
of Magna Tiles.
They decided to add balls in the tower.

Memo added more blocks to the structure that had already been built.

Max had an idea of making a tunnel for his train, so he used the train tracks to make a tunnel.

Max and Evan were playing together at the birthday party. Max sang the "Happy Birthday" song.

Tommy and Dominic were connecting the K'NEX links together to create something. Tommy said, "I found a blue!"

Jaquez made a square using the links outside. He said, "Look! It's a square!"

 TS Gold: Physical Development and Health#3.1-
Develop and refine motor control and coordination
Hien Le

We're going on a bear hunt!

Today the Oak room went on their field trip to the museum. They walked through campus to the museum with their stuff animal bears, and learned about real bears during their field trip. In the morning the weather was still chilly but it warmed up throughout the day so the children were able to dress down and they participated in a lot of different activities outside like drawing, football, and rough-and-tumble. Serenity, Christopher, James, Cynthia and a few other children visited the Oak room today and explored the different art materials that were set out like the acorn painting. 
Have a good night and see you Wednesday!
Miss. Barber

We are going on a bear hunt, We are gonna catch a big one!
Acorn painting in the Oak room


Teaching Strategies Gold
Physical: Demonstrates traveling skills
The Arts: Explores the visual arts

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's Thursday!

Happy Thursday! We had a very busy day today at school. This morning in the Maple room, Axel and Andrew used the alphabet letters and stuck them to the metal wall under the window sill. They used the magnets to spell out their names. Aya and Casey spent time at the woodworking station using the screwdrivers to screw the screws into the foam. In the Pine room, Luke and Casey made eggs in the kitchen. Makenzie and Destiny took care of their babies by feeding them. During the afternoon in the Walnut room, Dominic, Olivia L. and Carter spent time working at the water table. They moved the water from one table to another using funnels, turkey basters, and tubes. In the Oak room, Cynthia experimented using different nature items to make imprints in the clay. 

Aya and Casey used their screwdrivers to screws the screws into the foam block.

Axel was naming off the letters that he put on the window sill.
Cynthia used a rock to make smooth marks in her clay.

Luke and Dakoda spent time in the hair salon during morning centers.

Dominic, Olivia, and Carter used turkey basters to transfer the water from one item to another.
  We hope to see you tomorrow night at Papa's Pumpkin Patch!
It goes from 5:30 until 7:00 PM

Teaching Strategies Gold: Cognitive - Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking.

Have a good weekend! 
Miss Minner and Miss Strobl

Artistic Thursday!

Today, yet again, turned out to be beautiful. We began our first time outside with all hats and gloves. However, this afternoon the sun was shining and it warmed up tremendously. This morning in the Walnut room, Tony, Ty, Ofure, Savanna, Elizabeth, Ellianna, and Daniel were playing in the water table. Savanna and Ofure transferred water to the small water table with the turkey basters and cups. In the Oak room, Daniel, Olivia K., Alex, Brooke, and Fifi painted at the easel this morning. Daniel made a green house, Olivia K. made a splash of paint, and Alex made a building. Also, Brooke, Memo, and Daniel spent time at the collage table planning out what they wanted to glue down and where they wanted the materials. Overall, today was a busy day. Due to the consistency of the schedule, the children have caught on and know when transitions are about to happen. 

Hope to see everyone tomorrow night at Papa's Pumpkin Patch
5:30-7:00 PM

Teaching Strategy Objective: The Arts
Explores the Visual Arts 

Have A Great Weekend, See You Tuesday 
Miss Yost and Miss Melching 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chilly Wednesday!!

Hello Families,

Today was a chilly day at the CDLL. The children in the Walnut Room went on a field trip in the morning to the Museum of Culture and Natural History. While they were there they went on a bear hunt and explored the exhibits.

The rest of the CDLL had a normal day of school. The water table in the Walnut Room was popular today. The colors blue and yellow were available in the table and the children were able to mix the colors together to create green or use the variety of tools provided to explore the water.

At the end of the day everyone was bundled up and went outside to play. The spinning chair was very popular along with the climbing structure and the bikes.

Have a fantastic rest of your Wednesday everyone!
- Amanda Overbeck 

T.S Gold Strategy 29
Demonstrates knowledge of living things.

Happy Wednesday!

Today, some students went on a field trip. For those of us who stayed, we kept busy playing in various rooms and outdoors. 
Aya found a worm today. She showed it to teachers and students, while riding on her bike.

Destiny explored different ways to go down the slide.

The Oak Room small group worked on collage projects with leaves, rocks, acorns and other natural items. 

There was an "egg hunt" put on by a small group of children during outside time. The rocks under the bridge were the eggs. 

This morning, a group of children spent time with the trains. They worked on and practiced sharing and building as a team. 

Teaching Strategies GOLD:  6. Gross motor manipulation
4. Traveling skills
3. Participates in group situations
Nicole Elzinga