Thursday, December 10, 2015

Structures for the break

Today in the Maple Room children worked on making structures that are going to stay up over the long break. Charlie, Dakota, Axel, and Stephen planned what they were going to make at the Blueprint Table and then executed their designs by the risers. They worked together creating a city, complete with homes, and race tracks.
"The ramp is going down like this" -Charlie

"The house needs to be taller" -Axel

"Build it here" -Dakoda

Teaching Strategies Gold
Science and Technology 28: Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

-Ms. Vincent

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

Today in the CDLL as part of spirit week, it was Wacky Wednesday; many children and staff participated. Some wore pajamas, clothes inside out, crazy hairstyles and some even had on halloween costumes on.

"I got to pick my bows this morning" -Hailee M. 

"I want to wear this tutu too" -Olivia

Teaching Strategies:
#3- Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations. 

Ms. Jean-Charles

Ms. Weller's Small Group

The children in Ms. Weller's small group decided to go to the Oak room today to paint. The children in the nature group typically focus on playing games, and do not typically chose to paint during center time. Because of this, they spent time doing water colors and painting with the easels today. The outcome was exciting! The teachers could not believe how involved and interesting the children were for the full 20 minutes.

"I need pink."- Asher

"Lots of colors!"- Rohan

"I'm making a picture for my mom and dad."- Ana

"I was making a scary monster!" Asher said. He then listed the colors he used in his painting.

"I need some more."- Sarah
"I'm drawing a finger."- Carter
"A spaceship with a dog in it!"- Grant
"I'm making this for you!"- Ayrez
"Purple is my favorite. It's a flower."- Zoey. H

"Footprints, yeah. They're like lions."- Ayrez

Teaching Strategies 33: Explores the visual arts

Bridget Smith

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pajama Day

Today at the CDLL was pajama day! Many of the children came to school in their colorful pajamas and slippers. Many of the staff and student teachers also participated. Wearing pajamas to school didn't stop the children from working and playing. In the Walnut Room, Makayla, Daniel, and James were using the stamps to decorate paper.

Makayla- "I'm making my sister a card for her birthday."
Makayla- "I'm making a love card."
Daniel- "I'm making a love card too."
James- "I'm just stamping a card."

Jenna Brackett
TS Gold 33: Explores the Visual Arts

Monday, December 7, 2015

Star Wars Characters!

Today children took a walk on CMU's campus to find Chewbacca. On the way to find Chewbacca, the children found a Storm Trooper. The Storm Trooper talked with a robotic voice and Chewbacca could only make growls. The children were all asking Chewbacca what kind of food he ate.

Micah said, "he eats spaghetti and pizza."
Trevor thinks, "they eat trees."

"He's too big for bathtubs." -Trevor
Zoey said, "he showers in the lake."

T.S. Gold #11 Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

-Miss Race


Some of the children kept themselves quite busy outside today. The children really put their imaginations to use. They used oversized waffle blocks, foam shapes, and interlocking Lego pieces. All that hard work probably kept them pretty warm today!

"Hold the tower for us." -Katherine

"I need to get yellow pieces too for my house." -Rohan 

"I think I can jump through this roadblock." -Tommy

TS Gold Objective: 14) Uses symbols and images to represent something not present. 
December 7th, 2015
Ms. Fair

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Where is CoCo Going?

Today all the classrooms read the story Where is CoCo Going? The story was about a little bird that travels to his grandma's house. Today the bridge program came and the children were able to make CoCo using popsicle sticks, feathers and glue.

                                                  "I put eyes on mine" -James

"Hey look look!" -Lamar
"All of these are going to be hearts."-Daniel
"I want the big leaf" - Daniel
Teaching Strategy #33 Explores the visual arts
Miss. Goodrich  

 How Do Children Demonstrate Curiosity About Living Things? 

The CDLL displays plants in the classrooms and hallways to provide the children with living, natural, beautiful things to observe and explore. During center time in the hallway a few boys saw a teacher and energetically invited them to come view the new growing plants displayed in hallway.

Axel- "Come here! look, look! 
I want to show you something."

Axel- “We have new plants!"
James- “Yea, we have plants.” 

 James- "This is an apple tree!" (left)
Axel- "and this is squash!" (right)

T.S Gold Science and Technology: Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things
Miss. Stack