Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday May 31, 2011 Pod B

Hello Families of Pod B,
Once again we had many exciting opportunities for the children today.  We opened up new centers outside so that the children have a broader range of activities to choose from.  We added sensory tables with beans in the dry sensory table and dolls with soapy water and sponges in the wet sensory table.  Many children washed babies outside today.
Caleb is washing the babies
We were outside a lot today!  We enjoyed lunch under a tree across the street from our school.  We brought toys over there to play with after eating our hot dogs.  Some children participated in a sack race while others played with balls or read stories on a blanket.
A microscope was added to the discovery center and many children enjoyed looking through the microscope at a variety of insects.  The children would type in the code for the slide and the microscope gave information about whatever insect or animal that the children were looking at.  There is also a quiz feature on the microscope that some of the children utilized.
Here, Kyle uses the microscope to look at an insect.

The children are still interested in our ongoing investigation of the caterpillar lifecycle.   Today we looked at the jar and saw that all of the caterpillars had now turned into chrysalises.  Mrs. Nims invited the children to watch her move the chrysalises from the jar into a net so that when they turn into butterflies they will have more room.
The chrysalises hanging in their new net home!

Michigan Standards of Quality for Pre-K 2-3: Use observation skills to build awareness of plants and animals, their life cycles

We are looking forward to more warm days outside! 
Until next time,
Brooklynn (Ms.) Voyles

May 31 2011, Pod A

Hello Families!
Today was a hot day at the CDLL but that didn’t slow the children down at all. It was an active day full of new surprises! One thing that was new this morning was the pretend center. It was moved from the Oak classroom to the Walnut classroom and the children noticed that immediately as they walked into the classroom this morning. We no longer have a restaurant in the pretend center but instead we have a camping site. All the children had fun sleeping in the tent and roasting marshmallows over the fire!
Mason, Sydney, and Nevaeh at the light table.
Another thing that was new was the light table in the Oak classroom. We added sand onto the table with shells and other little objects. The children got their hands right into the sand and they loved it. They would bury the objects in the sand and search for them, like a treasure hunt!
Even though the collage table is the same, it never grows old with the children. They are always finding something to create, whether it is for themselves, their friends, or their family. Kites, jewelry, and tails are the most common things made at this table. All of the children are so creative and it is intriguing to watch them and see what they will make next!
Alzahraa, Andrew, Kaliyah, and Aiden working at the collage table.
Today was a day full of new things and experiences. I am excited to see what all the children will imagine and create tomorrow!
-          Samantha “Ms.” Corey
Creative Development 1.1: Children show how they feel, what they think, and what they are learning through experiences in the visual arts. Can use their own ideas to draw, paint, mold, and build with a variety of art materials; e.g., paint, clay, wood, materials from nature such as leaves.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011: Pod A

Even though today wasn't so pretty outside, it was a very fun and busy day. We definitely took advantage of the weather and made the day a very positive day! We really enjoy picnics in the Oak on rainy days!

In the Oak classroom, we had several activities available today! At the collage table we had a variety of different art materials to choose from to make projects! The children really took advantage of this! There were so many different art projects done by the children today at the collage table! 

Jazmine working hard at the collage table.

In the Walnut classroom, the children was just as busy! In discovery, the children played with special marbles! These marbles a special because they were squishy and clear! You didn't know that they were in there until you put your hands in water! The children really took advantage of the discovery area!

Our rainy day felt like sunshine when we went on our scavenger hunt today! We stayed inside of the building but we got to actually walk around where the college students study! We walked up and down the stairs looking for different colors, letters and numbers! The children were so excited about the scavenger hunt! We concluded our adventure by eating lunch under the stairwell on the first floor! 

Bess having lunch after the scavenger hunt!
Michigan Standards of Quality for Pre: Creative Development 1:1  Ea rly Le rning Expect tion: Children show how they feel, what  t they think a nd wh t they re le rning through experiences in the visual   arts. Children an use their own ideas to draw, paint, mold, and build with a variety of art materials; e.g., paint, clay, wood, materials from nature such as leaves. 

Until next Thursday!

Ms. Armstrong 

Pod B

Happy Thursday!

It has been a great and eventful second week in Pod B! Last week we brought in caterpillars to the classroom to watch them progressively become butterflies; there has been much excitement over them this week as they have finally become chrysalises. They have been counting each day until they finally become butterflies; they also are trying to be very cautious so as not to knock down the chrysalises because then they know they may not become butterflies then. They enjoy looking at them up close using magnifying glasses, and also are able to see replicas of them with plastic figures that show the life cycle of a caterpillar. 

Today was one of our sack lunch days, but it was too rainy to eat outside. Instead we ate inside of the Pine classroom which was new and different for the children; fortunately we were able to go outside after lunch with rain boots and raincoats on because it was only sprinkling at that point.

 The children also are getting really excited for the “Rainbow Garden” that is starting to come together really nicely; they were supposed to do some planting today, but the weather made it so we were unable to. However, the children are still very excited about all that has been done with it and are eager to show the teacher’s what they have been working on.

During free choice in the afternoon there were several children playing outdoors; Liam, Caleb, and Jonny were playing with the basketball hoop, and seemed really engaged playing with each other. There were also several students playing in pretend; Cormack was working on drawing different items for the pretend area while Jenny and Yuna were pretending to be dogs, and Alea was taking care of them. 

To end the day, we had a music and movement activity led by Ms. Peters, that let us shake our sillies out, and the kids seemed really engaged and like they were having fun, which is always nice to see. After we did the hokey pokey which was also very interactive, and a great way to end the week!

I’m looking forward to having more opportunities to interact with your children next week, and will try to make it as great as possible for them!

Until next Thursday,

Kyra Ziehmer
Pod B Student Teacher

Michigan Standards of Quality for Pre K: Early Learning in Science 1.3
Children develop positive attitudes and gain knowledge about science through observation and active play.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pod A

Today may have been gloomy and dull outside, but inside pod A the children where full of bright smiles and excitement. There was a surprise this morning when the children walk into class and saw that their caterpillars had formed into chrysalises over night! Many of the children used large magnifying glasses to get a closer look at the chrysalis and observed that they chrysalis was gray in color.
Ella and Makayla

The drawing table was quite popular during center time. There were pink tulips from the CDLL’s own garden in a vase for the children to sketch and paint.

Bess and Rachel
At the collage table wire working was a new attraction. The children have had appointments to learn how to work with the wire and wire cutting tools, “We have to be careful causes it’s pointy” stated Nathaniel about the wire cutters. The children have been adding beads to the wire to make jewelry and have also made the wire into different shapes by twisting the wire with the tools. 

The water table was filled with jelly marbles. The children seemed to enjoy touching the odd jelly texture. Riley explained that the jelly marbles, “kind of feel slippery.”  At the Lego table Andrew, Cambreion, and Josiah were busy creating Repunzel’s castle from the movie Tangled. All three boys were Flynn Rider, they named themselves Flynn Rider one (Cambreion) , Flynn Rider Two (Josiah) and Fynn Rider three (Andrew). It was their job to protect Repunzel from the, “icky evil witch.”
Andrew, Jose, Josiah, and Cambreion

            During outdoor play the children had fun running around in rain boots and splashing in small puddles made by the light rain. Mrs. Potter got out bubbles and bubble wands for the children to play with. Some children enjoyed blowing the bubble and other children enjoyed running after and catching the bubbles.
            Since today was Wednesday the children got to enjoy a picnic lunch. We all ventured over to the coved walk way at the West entrance of the EHS building and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grapes, and celery.
            In the afternoon children participated in their small group activates and rest time. Since it was raining very hard outside after rest time the children did not go outside but instead had another opportunity for free play. The school day ended in dancing to the hockey-pokey and hot potato.
            Today was once again another adventurous and exciting filled day, with imagination and wonder. I am excited to see all of the children’s smiling faces again tomorrow!

Until next Wednesday,
Katie Murphy
Student Teacher, Pod A

Michigan Standards of Quality for Pre-K : Creative Development  1.4
Children show how they feel, what they think, and what they are learning through experiences in the visual arts.

Pod B

Hello Everyone!

Even though the weather was not the best today, we made the best of it in Pod B. Our morning started out with some children going into the large movement room for rough and tumble play. Here children have the opportunity to wrestle with their peers if they wish. Some children also made fruit salsa with Mrs. Kauppi where they cut different fruit and combined them in a big bowl which they will have the opportunity to eat later this week. 

Even though it was dreary and a little wet this morning, some children walked to the green house with Mrs. Potter to pick up some flowers. The children will be planting these flowers. As the morning continued, some children explored the music instruments out in the hallway and also worked building new structures, completing puzzles, and other activities. The children are still exploring the corn and the crystals that are in the Pine room and enjoy pouring and measuring them. 
Carson Mota built a nice monster today that hugged a building Liam built.
Even though we were not able to walk very far for our picnic today we were still able to have lunch outside underneath the walkway of the building. The children said it was a little cold, but enjoyed their lunches. After lunch because of the rain we took a walk inside of the building instead of playing on the playground. The children enjoy going upstairs and looking out the windows so they can see "the whole city." After lunch we sang some songs together in the Pine room and finished out the day by playing "Red Light, Green Light." 

I look forward to future days in the classroom and continuing the opportunity to explore with the children. 

Michigan Standards of Quality for Pre : Physical Development 3-1
Children experience growth in fine motor development and use small muscles to improve a variety of fine motor skills both in structured and unstructured settings. 

Until next Wednesday, 
Ericca Peters

Student Teacher, Pod B

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24 2011, Pod A

Hello everyone!

Today was a busy and active day in Pod A. We have added some new things throughout the rooms so the children have been eager to explore!

In the Oak room, there has been a change to the Art Studio. We have added some real lilacs in a vase at the paint table. The children can look at, touch, and smell the lilacs. They can then paint the lilacs with purple and green water color paint. When asked about the lilacs, Bess said “They smell like cotton candy!”
Bess, Makayla, Andrew, and Nevaeh painting the lilacs.
 In the Walnut room, we have added dirt and plastic insects into the Discovery Center. The children love to get their hands dirty by sticking their hands deep into the dirt. The children also put the plastic insects into the dirt and pretend that they are crawling around. Nathan says he likes insects because there are so many different kinds of them.
Nathan and Connor playing with insects in the dirt.
After center time, it was time to go outside and enjoy this bright, warm, and sunny day! The children enjoy going outside and always want to show the teachers what they can do (and it is always impressive!) Here are some pictures of what the children showed us today.

Emerald relaxing and balancing on a swing.
Marc, Nevaeh, and Ms. Armstrong climbing the ropes!
Alison jumping over the swing.
Ieva, Alzahraa, and Nevaeh sitting up high.
After we had lunch and rest time, we ended the day by going outside again. But this time we used the giant parachute with all the teachers, children, and some parents. We walked in a giant circle while holding the parachute, we shook it softly, and we shook it hard. We even added balls on top that bounced and flew everywhere, which the children loved!

I look forward to learning more and more about your children each and every day!

-          Samantha “Ms.” Corey

Physical Development and Health 2.1: Children experience growth in gross motor development and use large muscles to improve a variety of gross motor skills in both structured and unstructured settings. Begin or continue to develop traveling movement such as walking, climbing, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, marching, and galloping.