Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27th Pod B

Hello Everyone!

We had a lot of different things going on within the room throughout the entire day. We are going on a field trip next Tuesday to the rain forest exhibit on campus, so we have been incorporating rain forest habitats, animals, and books throughout the room and during group meeting. As always the pretend area and construction area were very popular. The children love playing house, going on trips, playing in the doctors office, and doing each others hair at the hair salon in pretend. In construction there was a lot of building and using their imagination as they construction. We were able to go outside twice today. Outside the children have been able to run around, hammer wood pieces, read, ride bikes, and complete art projects. Overall we had a great day in Pod B! I hope everyone has a great week and see you next week!

Miss. Brady

Aryn and Daysha are playing with the rain forest habitat that was created for the student.

Levi and Kelly are busy tracing and writing at the writing center.

Science and Technology Objective 25: Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27th POD A

Hello Everyone!

Today was a lot of fun in the CDLL! The children are continuing to have a lot of fun in the new "teacher center" in the pretend area. They have been enjoying being the teacher and running their own large group! We also have a new area in the art center, where the children can paint wooden beads and that has been popular today.  Even though the weather isn't as gorgeous as last week, we still manage to have lots of fun outside.  The Art Cart is out now, so the children have the opportunity to play at centers outside, this week we introduced fly swatter painting. Unfortunately, today was Mrs. McGee's last day! We will miss her weekly nutrition lessons, but hopefully she enjoys the nice apron and bag the children signed for her!

Have a nice long weekend everyone! See you Monday!

-Ms. Tabeek

Outside, Sam and Caleb play some soccer!

During group in Oak at the end of the day we played Disco Limbo!

Kyassie paining the wooden beads in the art center.
Teaching Strategies Gold: Physical 6 -demonstrates gross motor manipulative skills. The Arts 33 - explores the visual arts. Cognitive 11 - Demonstrates positive approaches to learning.

Monday, March 26, 2012

3-26-12 Pod A

Today the children got a special treat in the morning! The Music Education students came and taught the children a song about spring! They sang the song and got to hold up spring props during the song, it was a lot of fun!
                                             Pod A listening to the music education students

The children continued to experiement with the vinegar and baking soda experiment in the texture table.
New to the discovery center was the weight scale. Children experimented with different items to figure out which ones weighed more and how to level the scale.
                                            Jaedon experimenting with the scale.

New to the pretend area was a teaching center! There is now a white board, a felt board, a teacher chair, books and other items to help the children act out their own classroom!

Today was a great day in pod A. Children were full of energy and fun! Have a great few days off this week and I'll see you all Monday!

~Miss Willmer

T.S. Gold~ The Arts #35 Explores Dance and Movement Concepts, Science and Technology #24 Uses Scientific Inquiry skills, Science and Technology #26 Demonstrates Knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials, Cognitive #12 Remembers and Connects Experiences.

Monday Pod B

What a surprisingly chilly day! We had some music students come this morning and sing with us at group.  Some of us sung about a pony and some of us sang about a circus. We started sponge painting, added a wheelchair to pretend and got a new rain forest habitat in Discovery. Today was Mrs. McGee's last day with us and we talked some more about fruit and friendships. We all signed either an apron or a bag as a thank you for teaching us all about food and health.

Haily Fabish

Arts 34
Science and Technology 25

Signing a bag for Mrs. McGee

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wed. Pod B

Today we had a very hot and exciting day! During afternoon large group as a pod we went outside a played with the parachute. We played popcorn and red rover. We had a lot of new construction going on in the construction area! During outside time this morning we were able to use different art objects!

Have a great weekend!
Alura Nash

The whole pod getting eaten by a boa constructor 

The boa constrictor is up to our toe!
Gross Motor Manipulative.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20/12 POD A

Hello Friends and Families!

Today was another fun and beautiful day!

In the morning a group of children got to go to a daycare center to learn to care for babies. The other group of children were able to listen in on a story about nutrition from our special guest Darcy from the Native American tribe.

Darcy reading a story to Pod A 


The Children are still continuing to work on sponge painting at the art studio as well as bubber at the texture table.

In the Walnut room we have confetti in the sand table for the children to explore with another texture as well as volcano's in the wet sensory table for the children to experiment with. 

Mrs. McGee also came in today to talk to us more about nutrition and the food pyramid. The children made faces out of bread, peanut butter, bananas, apples, and raisins.

Remington, Pierce, and Jordyn all spreading peanut butter on their bread
 The face that Jordyn made

It was another really hot day today so we were able to go outside two times again! The children seemed to have a lot more energy now that the weather is getting nicer outside.

Ms. Camilletti

TS Gold
Physical- Objective 7 uses fingers and hands
Literacy- Objective 18 interacts during reading and book conversations

Hello Families and Friends,

Today we had a few different things going on, a few children went to a daycare center to play with young children. While the others had a visit from Darcy our Native American friend she read them a story about nutrition.  In discovery today we had a few new activities that the children could touch and explore. With the gel crystals the children could feel them and enjoy what it felt like on their hands some said it was wet others said it was squishy. The other item in discovery was the bird seed which the children could put through large funnels and catch them at the bottom.  Each child got the time to explore and explain what they like about each.

Gold Strategies: Science and Technology 26, Demonstrates knowledge of physical properties of objects and materials

Nadia Crescentini

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, March 19: POD B

Today was a beautiful day!  We had one group of students start to make the bird and squirrel nests for the habitat collection.  Along with that, a second group started to gather thoughts about what types of eggs would go into each nest.  Inside of the classroom we had finger painting, shaving cream and clay sculpting going on in the art center.  On the light table we are working on a collection piece for the art auction.  Over in discovery there is a new wet sensory item that is made up of gel crystals that the children enjoyed moving around with their hands.  There was a new ice cream shop in the hallway where the children were able to act out a normal day of getting ice cream.  Mrs. Kauppi had some of the children making frozen yogurt, which we then ate during snack time.  To end our day, Mrs. McGee came to make peanut butter faces with fruits and protein, and then we ran off that left over energy outside.  If anyone still needs/wants to fill out a medicine form for sunscreen we have those available.

Here, Mya is working on some of her additions to the art auction piece at the light table.

Have a safe and fun day tomorrow!

-Miss Braley

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012- POD A

Hello Everyone!

This Thursday in Pod A was so fun! 

In the morning groups, we had a surprise visit from a campus exterminator who showed us a real live bat in a container that he had caught! Everyone who wanted to get up close and look at the bat had the chance. It was really neat! 

It was a beautiful day outside yet again, and the Pod went outside twice to play on Thursday, which was really fun and awesome to have the chance to spend more time outside. Hopefully if the weather stays more consistent, we can have outside time twice every day! 

However, the best part of the day was our field trip! We had guests from Dog Tales come in; Dog Tales is a local organization that brings in dogs that are trained to be therapeutic and allows the children to pick out a book and read to a Dog one-on-one. There were between five and seven dogs that came, and the children all got turns to sit with and pet any dog they wanted. The dogs were so well behaved and everyone had an awesome time! The dogs even joined us on the playground at the end of the day. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and we look forward to another fantastic week in Pod A!

Miss Van Hamme

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

POD A- 3/14/12
Hello Friends and Families of the CDLL. Today was a big day for the children! This morning a total of 13 children were gone from our POD to visit the Kindergarten classes that they will be attending next year. This excitement brought a lot of positive attitudes and tons of energy into the classroom today! With Spring finally here we made sure the children spent as much time as possible outside today. The children rode bikes, played tag with the teachers, and some even enjoyed taking their shoes and socks off and playing in the sandbox. The main event of the afternoon was the soccer game! Children from both PODS were given the option to join in and kick the soccer ball around out in front of the school! We are all looking forward to more days like today and having the opportunity to spend more time outside as the weather gets nicer!

-Ms. Latkofsky

 Teaching Strategies: Social-Emotional Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations.
Mrs. Gursky is showing the children how to throw the soccer ball back inbounds.

Children from both PODS are working together to protect the goal!

Caleb is kicking the soccer ball towards the goal.

Alex watches as Neva makes a block.

Tuesday, March 13th Pod A

Tuesday was a busy and beautiful day! This week the children were introduced to pink and blue Bubber, similar to play doh which can be molded into different shapes. Many children made snowmen out of them! At the clay table, fruits are displayed along with the clay and the children were able to try and mold a piece of fruit that was on the table.

Mrs. McGee visited again this week, talking about the importance of Protein. She read a story, did a movement activity and the children were able to taste some food! The weather was beautiful and we were able to go outside twice!

Creative Development 1: Children show how they feel, what they think, and what they are learning through experiences in the visual arts.

Laura Morris

                                                              Maria working with Bubber
                                                      Colton making a snowman with Bubber

                                                            Bryanna making fruit out of clay

Pod B Wednesday

Today some of our Pod went to Renaissance School and some went to Vowels to take a tour and visit some kindergarden classes. From the conversations afterwards, it seems like many of the children are excited to move up! We're continuing to make clay people and working with wire to create an art piece for our classroom. Unexpectedly, this afternoon we had a fire drill! All the children remembered what to do and we got across the street quickly and safely. Since was such a beautiful day outside it was great way to get our energy out before heading home.

Haily Fabish

Physical 6
Cognitive 12

Tuesday, March 13 Pod B

Hello Everyone!

Today was a great day in Pod B. We had lot of different things going on and the children really seemed to enjoy themselves as they explored and engaged with their surroundings. A hot spot in the classroom was the pretend area. The children loved pretending to be the doctor as they gave their classmates shots, checked their ears and heartbeat, and wrapped their broken bones. The children also enjoyed playing in the hair salon area. They would wash each others hair and then style in. In the art area children used shaving cream, a popsicle stick, and a mirror as they pretended to shave. Since it was so nice out today the children got to go outside at the end of the day before departure. The children love going outside and running around.

Katelin is in the doctor's office waiting for patients to come! 

Elliana is shaving her face using the mirror and a popsicle stick!

Teaching Strategies Cognitive 12- Remembers and connects experiences 

Monday, March 12, 2012


Today was the first day back from spring break. There is new clay at the clay table along with some fruits so that the children can make the fruits from the clay. At the light table there is a new project with tissue paper. The stage in the large motor movement room is done. Some of the children acted out the three little pigs on stage. The pretend area and the construction area continue to be a popular place for the children to play and explore at. Since the weather is starting to get nicer, the children got to go outside twice today.

Have a good week!
Ms. Minotas

Teaching strategy: The arts, 33. explores the visual arts.

Colton and Pierce making clay fruit.

THe first Monday Back from Spring Break!! Pod B

Mya working with the wire in construction.
Today was an exciting day! We had many new things in the classroom! The pretend area was very different with a doctors office and a hair salon. In the construction area we are working with wire to make a sculpture to hang in the classroom. Mrs. Mcgee came in today to talk about protein and how it is healthy for our bodies. We tasted pin wheel sandwiches, taquitos, and an egg roll. Most children liked the pin wheel sandwich and the taquitos.

Teaching Strategies: Social Studies; understands knowledge about self

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pod B    Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello Friends and Families! 

The children were busy on the last day before spring break. In construction, the children were interested in building many different sized structures. Some of them were tall and narrow and some short and wide. No matter the size of their structures, the children were engaged in their work. In art, the children have been able to use watercolor paint. They have created many pictures. In table toys, the children were hard at work lacing clothes onto a teddy bear. They were able to pick the outfit to put on the teddy bear. The children were still curious about the clean mud in the discovery. They were making snowmen and cookies with the clean mud. In the writing center this week the children have been interested in telescopes and binoculars. Many have been making their own binoculars. They even taught some of the other children how to make them. In pretend, there has been some performing on the stage. They have been using the masks of "The Three Billy Goats" and acting out the story. They also have been doing this outside on the bridge. 

Hope you have a safe and enjoyable break. 
See you in 10 days!

Mrs. Sanders

Teaching Strategies Skill: Cognitive #11 - Shows positive approaches to learning

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday March 1st: POD A

Hello Everyone!

We had a great last day of school before spring break!! Today we continued to create artwork by marble painting. We have also been exploring with different textures both at the texture table and in the wet sensory table. At the texture table the children have been playing with "goop", a mixture of corn starch and water. Over in the discovery center we have crystal gels in the wet table.

At the table toys the memory matching game has been a hit with the students. They are playing is on the caterpillar table and have even moved it to the game table and used the memory game with additional rules.

Have a great spring break everyone!
-Ms. Tabeek 

Luke painting with marbles
Oliver looking for a match at the game table
Teaching Strategies Gold: Mathematics 22 - Compares and Measures.