Thursday, October 20, 2016

Music and Movement with Mr. Dan

After an eventful morning at the Farmer’s Market and Timbertown, we returned safely back to our school. Later that afternoon we found that we had a special guest waiting for us in the Indoor Movement Room.
It was Mr. Dan, Asher’s dad, along with his guitar and some clever and catchy songs in order for the children to get up, move, sing along and dance to! Props, such as: egg shakers and scarves were also provided and used throughout. Some of the children remembered Mr. Dan from last year’s special guest appearance and were very excited to hear what fun and silly songs he may have to share with us this visit.

“Shake, shake! Shake your sillies out!” -Mr. Dan

 Monica Scudder, HDF 409 Student

Michigan State Standard
The Partnership with Families #2: Families have multiple opportunities to participate in the child’s classroom program as they prefer and are able to do so.

Our Trip To The Farmers Market

   Today we had a field trip to the Farmers Market at Island Park. While we were there, we got to visit each of the vendor's booths. We saw: pumpkins, flowers, vegetables, fruits, honey, soaps, candles, rocks and coffee. Some of the vendors took the time to tell us about their products. The children really enjoyed that.
   Each of the small groups was given $5 to spend. The children had to work together to decide what they wanted to spend their money on. One group in particular decided that they would split the money and each buy flavored honey sticks to enjoy when they got back to school.
 For lunch, we had a nice picnic under one of the pavilions. It was a great time to reflect on what we saw at market.

Vendor telling children about his jewelry.
"This candle smells like sugar." -Victoria
The children also had the opportunity to play at Timber Town, a wooden playground near the market. The playground was filled with unique playground structures such as: moving stairs, tire swings, bouncy bridges, and wooden cars.

"Braeden will you swing with me?" -Liam

"I'm bouncing, I'm bouncing, I'm bouncing!" -Macrae

Michigan State Early Childhood Standards Of Quality
Children explore with increasing understanding the physical characteristics and relationships of objects and happenings in their environment [HSCOF-ID 7.3.3] 

Example- Children's interests in the physical world and living things are extended by using information books, field trips, visitors, and other ways of opening up the classroom to the larger world.

Musselman HDF 409

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our Discovered Friend, Praying Mantis!

While playing outside today Livy stumbled upon a praying mantis! From that point on, the praying Mantis became a huge hit among several children.

Livy captured the praying Mantis using a jar, stick and a teacher's help. Once she secured the praying mantis in her jar she said, "Let's put him in the habitat!" She then walked over and set it into a table that is free for children to create habitats out of for insects.
"This is your new home, Buddy!" said Livy. 
"He needs some more dirt" Livy decided as she went and searched for dirt to add.

Once the praying Mantis was released into his new home several children joined around the habitat to check it out. Then a teacher suggested, "Should anything be added to the praying mantis' new home?" Then children set off to find things for the habitat.

Sarah A., Bella and Ericka came up with the idea of adding grass to the habitat.
"He might eat grass!" said Ericka as she dropped grass in.
"Yeah, he lives in grass!" -Sarah A.

Michigan Standard of Quality:
Early Learning Expectation: Living and Non-living Things. Children show a beginning of awareness of scientific knowledge related to living and non-living things. Use observation skills to build awareness of plants and animals, their life cycles (e.g., birth, aging, death) and basic needs (e.g., air, food, light, rest)

Ritter, 409

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Team Work!

During morning centers the children get the unique experience to choose where they want to play, and this can bring children to play together who normally are not in the same room for morning large group.  Today in the construction room children were very busy building together to create different structures. The children worked hard to create a castle and when work time was over, we left it out so other children could add on to it later in the day.

This was the start of the structure as we began to build it

"Lets build a big castle!" - Logan

Graham joined into the castle building with us as well!

"These are going to be flags for the king" - Graham

As the morning progressed the children added more and more blocks to it.

Once the metal blocks were placed, Logan had told another child who was playing nearby that it was a driveway for their car!

 State Standard: Approaches to Learning 1. Early Learning Expectation: Creativity-Imagination-Visualization. Children demonstrate a growing ability to use originality or vision when approaching learning; use imagination, show ability to visualize a solution or new concept.
Ms.Babbitt HDF 409

Foxtail Tag!

Happy Tuesday! Today children had the opportunity to play a game called foxtail tag during PM Group. The objective of the game was to protect your flag from being stolen, while trying to catch another person's flag at the same time. The children ran around the garden as their flags waved through the wind. Once the flags were gone, it was time for children to try and catch a different flag!   

                                    Children run around the garden while playing foxtail tag.

                                  Tegan said,  "I need to find a place where nobody sees me!"

                                                      "You can't catch me," said James.

Michigan Standard of Quality:
Early Learning Expectation:
Children increase their ability to understand and control their bodies and learn that regular physical activity can enhance their overall physical, social, and mental health.
3.) Participate actively and on a regular basis, in games, outdoor play, and other forms of exercise that enhance physical fitness.

Kristen Nagl
HDF 409

Monday, October 17, 2016

Playing Sand Slime

This afternoon in the walnut room the children we're able to explore with a new texture at the texture table with  Sand Slime. The Sand Slime is made up of sand,glue and water in which they have the opportunity to make. The children began playing with the Sand Slim, noticing how it felt to them and creating things with it.

" Its so sticky it stuck to my fingers" Jace

 "Look I made glasses" Jace

 "My hand is covered in a slime glove" Jonathon

 "I'm making baby worms." Sarah P

 "Look I made pancakes!" Kayden

Michigan Standard Of Quality:
Early Learning Expectation: Relationship in Place. Children begin to understand and interpret their relationship and place within their own environment.  1. Explore the environment, experiment and play with natural materials, explore the texture, sound and smells of nature

Buck, HDF 409

Let's Make Art!

The Maple Room has all sorts of art that the children can create. At one table the children are able to make collages using a variety of materials. There are some pencils for the children to plan out or draw what they want to make and a lot of small materials in shapes like leaves, bats, flowers, hearts, and other things to use. We recently added some some small seashells as well as 3D materials to allow the children to build their collage up off the paper if they choose.

 "I'm gonna make a house."
"It's almost done. It just needs a few details."
"I'm gonna grow a garden! It has flowers and vegetables."
"Think we could grow a tree? Not in the garden. I need grass. The leaves can be the grass."
"The grass changes color when it's winter right?"
-Zoey H.

"I'm making a flower."
"It's a flower and I'm making a bee."
"See I had to draw it big for the eyes."

Reina Kehoe 409
Michigan Standard of Quality
Creative Development
Early Learning Expectation 1: Children show how they feel, what they think, and what they are learning through experiences in the visual arts