Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Art Cart

Offering the art cart outdoors has been a great success. This gives the children an opportunity to explore the arts in a different perspective as well as with different mediums.

This week the art cart has featured washable markers along with bingo dobbers and paper.

“It will dry and then you put it my cubbie.” -Sovie

“I want to make fireworks.” -Katherine

Michigan Standards of Quality
Teaching Practices, Program Standard 2: Activities are designed to help children learn concepts and skills through active manipulation of a wide variety of materials and equipment.

Monica Scudder, 409 Student Teacher

The Importance of Reading!

Through out the day, the Child Development Learning Lab gives many opportunities for the children to expand their learning through reading books. Whether it is a book being read to the students or the students exploring by themselves. Books are a wonderful learning tool that help expand a child's vocabulary and allows new ways of using these new words. 

Below is a picture of Graeme and Favour both retelling the story that was shared at their large group. During large group we introduced a new friend, Marty the Monster and he helped tell the story. Both of them attempted to explain the story in their own way. 

Graeme stated, "Some monsters like baths." Then he asked Marty the Monster is he liked baths. 

Favour explained, "All monsters are different too." 

The children have multiple opportunities to read books. Some students like to read a book during center time, rest, and even outside. In the picture below we have Zoey H enjoying a book being read to her during rest time. 

During the end of the day, the children had the opportunity to listen to Ms. Sinclair read books outside on the tree stumps. This allows the children to calm down and enjoy reading in a new location that isn't just in the CDLL classrooms. 

Michigan Standard of Quality: 
Language and Early Literacy Development
-Children begin to understand written language read to them from a variety of meaningful materials, use reading-like behaviors, and make progress towards becoming conventional readers. 

HDF 409 
Jasmine Palenske 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Activities with Friends!

During morning center time Divine and Victoria were playing a game at the game table in the Oak Room. They each took turns rolling a die and then moving their game piece however many spots they counted on the die. By the end of the game they were rolling a die with letters on it, and reading off the letters to each other.
"Your turn. You move 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 spaces."

James and Jace were playing with the ball ramps in the Oak Room during morning center time. They each had a ramp to use so Jace said to James, "Let's race!"
Stephen also came up while they were playing with the ramp and said, "I'm gonna be a bridge."

Michigan Standard of Quality
Social and Emotional Development
Early Learning Expectation 3: Children develop healthy relationships with other children and adults
Children  increase their ability to initiate and sustain age-appropriate interactions with peers and adults

Reina Kehoe 409

Working Together

"Here Graeme. Can you use this piece?" Liam asked.

During morning center time Liam and Graeme put together a road for trucks to drive on. Together they lined up each piece and connected them. They overcame problems by trying other road pieces in different places. This week the road pieces and trucks were put into the Pine Room for the children to engage with. 

Michigan Standards of Quality

Social, Emotional and Physical Health and Development (SEP)

3. Early Learning Expectation: Relationships with Others. Children develop healthy relationships with other children and adults.

Emily Walsh 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Team Work

Throughout the day, children were working together to empower each other. During AM group Daley, Mathias, Jace and James were working together to create a bridge. They were working all morning on the bridge and when the edge of the bridge collapsed, they worked together to repair it.

During outside play, Gavin and Stephen were at the art table. The teacher asked everyone to write their names so that their work can be identified. Gavin did not know how to write his name so Stephen found Gavins name tag and showed him how to create the letters for his name. 

Michigan Standard of Quality

4. Early Learning Expectation: Resilience-Optimism-Confidence. Children demonstrate the capacity to cope with change, persist, move ahead with spirit, vitality and a growing belief in one’s ability to realize a goal. 


During small group time, we (Ms. Goodman's group) have been talking about emotions. Today, we looked through magazines to find faces to cut out. After cutting the faces out, we talked about what emotions we found. That conversation made us question what things make us happy, sad, mad and silly.

  I asked a few children-"What makes you happy?"

Liam- "When my mom is here."
Lilly- "Muffins"
Livy- "Faces"
Ariona- "My birthday"
Dakota- "Feathers"
Farrah- "Cupcakes"

Early Childhood Standards of Quality

Children develop and exhibit a healthy sense of self. Ex: Children can identify a variety of feelings and moods in themselves and others.
Children develop healthy relationships with other children and adults. Ex: Participate successfully as a group member and initiates interactions with peers and adults.

Musselman HDF 409

Monday, September 26, 2016


 "The Monkey Game"
During AM Center Time in the Walnut Room, the children were thinking of all the fun ways to engage with resources around them. Aliana and Roman decided to create a game called "The Monkey Game"
They explained to me how the game was supposed to be played. "First you start at the beginning. Then, you roll the die and then you make your way to the end" explained Aliana.
It is always great seeing the children come together and come up with some amazing ideas.
Michigan Standards of Quality:
1. Early Learning Expectation: Children show increasing initiative and curiosity about their work and play in all areas of the curriculum
Tiara Lawrence, HDF 409