Thursday, February 16, 2017

Special Visitors

Special Visitors Inside the Maple Room 

Today during centers inside the Maple Room the CDLL had two guest visitors from Mt. Pleasant High School. The visitors spent time reading books to the children, each child had the opportunity to pick a book of their choosing. Two books the children really enjoyed were "Inside the Barn, Inside the Country" By. Alyssa Satin Cupucilli, and "One Duck Cluck" by: Phyllis Root. Questions were frequently asked during the stories allowing opportunities for open collaborative discussion. 

Michigan State Standards: Early Learning Expectation: English Literacy Activities. Children demonstrate increased understanding and response to books, storytelling, and songs presented in English and increased participation in english literacy activities. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hot Chocolate

Hello CDLL Families,

This afternoon for small group, some of the children in pod B made hot chocolate. Mrs. Rennie wrote the recipe on large paper and discussed the expectations with the children. Then each child was able to follow the recipe and prepare their own cup of hot chocolate. They waited in line and then grabbed their own cup, scooped one scoop of mix, poured the hot water, mixed it up with a stirrer, and added five marshmallows.

"How many scoops does the recipe say?" 

"Mine is very chocolatey." 

"Five marshmallows. One... Two... Three... Four... Five."

"I'm mixing it all together."

Teaching Strategies Objective 17: Demonstrates knowledge of print and it's uses

Thanks for reading,
Abigail Lucas HDF 409

Kick The Cup!

Today was an exciting day in the Indoor Movement Room! The children had the chance to play Kick The Cup. Upper case and lower case letters were placed on red solo cups. Those red solo cups were then placed on the floor in a line where children had the opportunity to kick a ball into them. The cups that a child knocked over each had a letter on them. The children were first asked to identify that letter then come up with a word that starts with that specific letter. There seemed to be a lot of children who had very strong kicks. Most of the children knocked over more than one cup. The children then  helped each other think of different words that started with each letter.

"This is the letter I, it stands for ice-cream."-Audrey

"This is the letter I and it stands for igloo, only penguins can build igloos."-James 
"I got the letters M and H, did you know my name has both of those letters?"-Graham

"I got the letters H and D! I have a H in my name, H-U-N-T-E-R."-Hunter

By: Ashley Millmine

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Exciting Day at the CDLL!

The children had a wonderful visit from some of CMU's science students during their AM center time. In the indoor movement room, children had the chance to cut out their own dinosaurs, experiment with conversation hearts, tin foil and magnets, and explore what happens when balloons, straws, and strings are put together. The children had a fantastic time learning with the science teachers!

The children are lined up to see what happens when a balloon is hooked to a straw on a string!

Here they are exploring with tin foil.

Alijah waiting to see how fast his straw will go!
In the afternoon, the children had a mid- winter celebration! Alijah's family brought in a popcorn maker so the children could enjoy some for their snack. The smell of popcorn filled up the whole school, they couldn't get down to the kitchen fast enough! They also drank strawberry milk that the children helped to make during their AM centers.
Mathias, Ella, and Divine


Caring Cards

Today in Mrs. Weller's small group in the Pine classroom the children were given the opportunity to create cards for anyone they chose to. They were given a variety of materials including, cards, envelopes, markers, foam pieces, and stickers. There were a many different ideas and people that the children decided to make their cards for. It was an enjoyable time as the children had the freedom to create what they wanted to for their loved ones.
The children gathered around the rug as the activity was explained to them. They were shown all the different materials that they could use to make a card for anyone they chose to.

"I'm gonna make some hearts, my mama's gonna love it!" -Sarah A.
"I wanna try to write Dear Mother," says Zoey H.

After finishing his card, Rohan explains to a teacher what he has drawn. 
"This is me, my mom, and my dad," he says.

Once they were finished, the children put their cards into envelopes and sealed them shut.

Teaching Strategies- Objective 7b: Uses writing and drawing skills & Objective 19: Demonstrates emergent writing skills
Mariah Darden HDF 409

Monday, February 13, 2017

Making Silly Putty

The recipe 

This morning in the Walnut room during am centers, three children helped Mrs. Potter make silly putty.  The children looked at the step by step guide Mrs. Potter created. The children read aloud and said, we need two cups of liquid starch and two cups of glue. Once the ingredients were mixed into a big bowl, the children and Mrs. Potter mixed the ingredients together using their hands. The children explored the process of making silly putty.  

Pouring in the ingredients
Mixing it all together

"It feels so gooey!" - Anaya

The end result was purple silly putty 

Teaching Strategies: Objective 8b; follows directions and Objective 22; compares and measures

Megan Shea
HDF 409

Let's Get Moving With Letters!

  Today in the Indoor Movement Room the children were dancing and grooving to different letters. The teacher or the child would hold up the lower case letter and the players would have to run to that letter. After a couple of games like that the teacher had the cards and would think of a thing that started with the letter on the car and the children would have to guess by sounding out the word.
After the game was over the children worked together to peal the letters off the ground 

Teaching Strategies: Objective 16: Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet, Objective 6: Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills      
HDF 409 Megan McDonald