Thursday, January 19, 2017

Working Together to Give a Gift!

On Thursday January 19th, a lot of exploring was taking place during centers in the Walnut Room! 
Lets take a look at some of the group play that was taking place. 

In morning centers Liam started making gifts for Miss Goodman and told her that she had to go to sleep in order for the presents to come. Then Sovie, Alijah, Graeme, and John came over to join in and help out. We had to use some problem solving to figure out how to move the presents from one place to another without them breaking.

Sovie suggested, "put little rocks in there (instead of big rocks) and then it won't break." 
John asked why we were building a tree and Liam explained that it was where they were going to put the presents. 

Then in afternoon centers, Daley and Avryl worked together to make a "house for the animals." This house had a slide, potions, along with places to eat and drink. In the picture below you can see the animals lined up for the slide as they build their house.

Daley said, "we are going to use all of the squares up. We are going to use the big ones for the top, right Avryl." 

Michigan State Standard: 

Social and Emotional Development and Health
2.) Children will use basic problem solving skills to resolve conflicts. 

MacKenzie Gentner

Fun With Silly Putty!

Today in Mrs. Bristley's small group the kids made silly putty out of glue, liquid starch, and food coloring!  

"I'm stretching it!" -Gavin

"I made pink!" -Lily K

Trisha Turner HDF 409

Teaching Strategy:
Objective 7: Uses fingers and hands

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Exploring the Imgination

The children in the Pine Room did a great job at taking their imaginations to the next level. They were able to recall something that they remembered that they liked and added their twist on things.

Sarah A. singing Let It Go in her own special way, while dancing on stage

Divine and John getting ready to pull people over in their cop cars
"Cops are the only ones that can speed." -Divine

Lexie paying for all her food so she can prepare her special meal with Gavin

Gavin and Lexie took a trip to space to cook a special meal.
"We are in space cooking because we have electricity in space." -Gavin 

Michael Young HDF 409

Teaching Strategies: Cognitive #12: Remembers and connects experiences
Cognitive #13: Uses classification skills

See What Happened Outside Today!

Today on Wednesday, January 18th, the children were finally able to spend time outside because the conditions were not as icy as they have been this week. Children from Pod B, learned a lot about different transportation including the wagons they pulled each other in, the car toys available outside, and the children enjoyed watching a train pass by campus as well. 
 Macrae enjoyed creating a road for his trucks to drive on.

 Friends take turns pulling the wagon around the playground!

 Children hear a train and rush over to watch it pass by. They enjoyed making train sounds and commented on how loud the train was.
Rohan was busy pedaling his bike through the snow and ice. I asked Rohan why it was harder to bike through the snow and he replied, "Because it is icy!"

Stephanie Dutton HDF 409

Teaching Strategies: Social Emotional #2 Establishes and sustains positive relationships
Teaching Strategies: Physical #4 Demonstrates traveling skills

Pretend Play in the Pine Room!

Tuesday the children continued to play inside instead of going outside due to the ice and standing water on the playground. In the Pine room Victoria, Rohan, and Busola took on different roles during their pretend play. Victoria and Rohan were both parents to the babies featured below. After they tucked their babies into bed they hopped in their cars. Towards the end of their play time they decided to take some food and have a feast. 

Above, Victoria, takes care of the babies. "Now we can take care of the babies cause they are awake."

Busola waits for Rohan and Victoria to jump in the cars. "We are going away to Africa," Victoria said. 

Above is the babies nicely tucked in. 

Busola, Victoria, and Rohan create a feast and enjoy it together. 

Michigan State Standard

Social and Emotional Development and Health 
1) Early Learning Expectation: Understanding of Self. Children develop and exhibit a healthy sense of self. 

Talisa Bergeron 
HDF 409

What Made Today A Terrific Tuesday?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It was a terrific, fulfilled day back to the CDLL! We welcomed our new Tuesday/Thursday student teachers, and assistant teachers.

In the hallway, Ice Cream Shop was an excitement!  The children pretended to work at an Ice Cream Shop, and share their favorite flavors with their customers (friends). Below, Rohan, Lilly F, Lexi, and Katherine playing Ice Cream Shop!! 

On the left:

Rohan – “Ice Cream, Ice Cream!”

Lilly F – “Ice Cream for sale, Come get your Ice Cream.”
                        “My favorite flavor is chocolate!”

Bottom right:

Katherine – “I want this one”

Top right:

Lexi – “Yummy, yummy, yummy”

Afternoon centers were a blast!


In the Walnut Room:

Top Left: Rayyan & Evie playing at the water tables.
Rayyan – “uh oh”
Evie – “Look, this sucks water!”

Top right: Alijah is exploring and digging for dinosaur bones
Alijah – “I paint the bone, paint the bone.”
“It’s like a grave”

In the hallway:

Bottom Right: James is looking at the book and playing with the Chika Chika 1-2-3 props.
James - "Look, i can put these numbers on the tree."

In the Oak Room:

Bottom Left & middle: Gavin was building with legos.
Gavin – “ It’s a bike and it flies where ever you point it, and it spins that way too!” 

Above shows...

Top Photo: 

After Lunch, James, Lila Beau, Logan, Mathias, and Muadh climbed the rock wall.

James – “Look I can jump!”
Lila Beau – “look at me.”
Mathias – “I climbed to the top”

Bottom Photos: 

Due to few children today, during rest time we all went to the indoor movement room to watch a movie "Wall - e" . Some of the children rested, while others were watching quietly.

Teaching Strategies Gold 1c: Takes care of own needs appropriately
Teaching Strategies Gold 2: Establishes and sustains positive relationships
Teaching Strategies Gold 6: Demonstrates gross – motor manipulative skills
Teaching Strategies Gold 7: Demonstrates fine –motor strength and coordination
Teaching Strategies Gold 12 B: Makes Connections

Abby VanDerStuyf

HDF 409