Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Police Visit!!

Today the CMU Police came for a visit! We started the day off with the police talking to us about safety in childhood, what is an emergency that the police should be called for, and what it takes to be an active officer. After our discussion with the police officers, children got to try on a police hat, their 20 pound belt that they wear everyday, their uniform, and their vest! Children then were able to go and explore in the police cars with the police officers explaining what they have inside. And of course the children had a blast playing with all the different sirens that the cars make. Lastly, we finished off the morning with a picnic lunch in the dining room and having fun conversations! It was such a fun day!

Officer Martinez:
"What is an emergency that you need to call a police officer?"

Harper: "A fire"

Audrey: "A robber, stealing something"

Victoria: "When someone steals"

Michael: "When a bad guy gets out"

James: "When a cat is stuck in a tree"

JJ trying on a police hat.

Busola pretending to drive the car while Jace, James. and Graham play with the police sirens.

Hunter riding the police bike with Officer Martinez.

Michigan State Standard:

Social and Emotional Development
3. Early Learning Expectation: Children develop healthy relationships with other children and adults. 

Paige Prudhomme, HDF 409

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