Monday, June 19, 2017

An Exciting Afternoon!

Today was a busy day in the CDLL. This afternoon featured two pleasant surprises. First, the children gathered in the indoor movement room for rest time. We watched The Peanuts Movie and ate snack before some children went outside. The water was turned on in the sandbox, and the children dug holes to fill with the water. Then a special guest came to visit: Mr. Dan! He sang lots of songs with the children. He even sang a book!

J.J. dug in the sand near his water hole.
"That feels weird," he said about the foam
that topped the water.

The children, Mrs. Weller, and Ms.
Goodman danced to a song about fish
sung by Mr. Dan.

Mr. Dan sings a story about a king who
spends his entire day in the bath!

Emily Andersen 
HDF 409
TS Gold Objective 34: Explores musical concepts and expression.

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