Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's the last Tuesday!!

We were inside after lunch today because of the weather. The hallway and indoor movement room were open. The rock climbing wall and tunbling mats were open for the children to play with. When we put down the rock climbing wall they were so excited to climb it. Many children were playing on the tumbler mats and doing some flips.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sirens Galore!

Happy Monday!

Today was a very eventful day at the CDLL. Today started the last week of summer session for the children. We had a lot going on today. It was Pajama day for Spirit week and we had the CMU police officers come in and talk to the children. They talked about what you should do around strangers, what type of people could help if you are in trouble or lost, and what police officers do everyday.

They let the children try on some pieces of their police uniforms. They brought a hat, a helmet, shirts, and a bullet proof vest.

After eating lunch with the children the officers let the children come and look at the cars and bikes that the officers used to get over to the CDLL. The children got to sit on the bike and Officer Rico walked them in a circle. They got to sit in the car and turn on the lights and siren.

Teaching Strategies Gold #30
Shows a basic understanding of people and how they live

Sarah Emeigh

Stranger Danger

Our Last Monday!

Today the CDLL had some special visitors! This morning some Police Officers from CMU came to talk to the children. 'Stranger Danger' was one of the conversation topics. The officers talked about safety and how the tools on their belt help to keep them safe. The children raised their hands to ask questions and were able to try on some of the Police attire. Afterwards, the Police Officers joined the children for lunch. Children had the opportunity to check out the Police cars as well. 

 This afternoon children took the opportunity to play bean bag toss. This game is not a regular outdoor activity. Children walked up and took their turn tossing the bean bags into the holes. Many children identified the bean bags by the color they were and the letter that was on them.

Ms. O'Brien
Teaching Strategies Gold: Language #10: Uses appropriate conversational and other communication skills

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bean Bag toss!

Happy Thursday! The day started out a little damp and grey but by the afternoon it was a beautiful sunny day. It was a very busy day today at the CDLL. We had two groups go for walks.  The water group took a trip to the green house and the pound and the nature group took a trip to Veits woods. This afternoon we had a game of bean bag toss going on in the Zen garden. The children were trying to see how far they could toss the bean bags by trying to get them in the hula hoops that were on the ground. They then came up with the idea to hold up the hula hoop to see if they could get the bean bags through the hula hoop. The children enjoyed trying to see who could toss the bean bag the farthest.  

Ms. Stack 
Teaching Strategies Gold # 6 Children demonstrate gross-motor manipulative skills 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jump Roping!

Today started off with rain clouds but ended with sunshine at the CDLL! One of the outside activities was Jump Roping. The children haven't played with this activity yet this summer. Many of the children jumped on their own but a lot of them also teamed up and twirled one jump rope; one child on each end and one jumping in the middle. The children laughed a lot during Jump Roping and seemed very determined to get more than one hop in! Even the teachers Jump Roped!

"Jump over the snake." - Libby

"This is fun!" - Madison B. 

"I actually did it, I jumped over the rope!" - Larry
"Can we do those again? I want to jump over the rope again." - Larry

Teaching Strategies:
Physical- #6: Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

Ms. Nichols

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Deerfield Park!

Wonderful Tuesday
Today we went to Deerfield Park where they children got to go on walks with their small groups and did activities. The children got to see some different trails in the Park. The children played with the parachute and baseball on the beach. They also got to play soccer on the grass area of the park.
The children playin a game with the parachute.
Teaching Strategies: Physical #6 Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

Monday, June 9, 2014

You're It!

Happy Monday, everyone!

The children had a fun day outside today. In the afternoon they had the option to play tag in the zen garden after the inside closed. They had fun chasing each other and everyone wanted a chance to be it. It got so crazy with everyone running around we forgot who was "it" a few times. That made them laugh and once we picked a new "it" person the game was back on.

One of the teachers brought new beach balls outside too. They children had fun playing catch, playing volleyball, or just throwing them up as high as they could. They even made up a game with the frog shaped one where someone would yell "frog" and then throw the ball and everyone would try to catch it so they could be next.

Teaching Strategies Gold #3 and #6
Children participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations
Children demonstrate gross-motor manipulative skills

Sarah Emeigh


It was a busy Monday in the CDLL today. A group of children spent the day in the woods while the rest of us stayed at the school and discovered all the new materials that have been added to the classrooms. Even the playground had new activities available. Children showed off their bowling and cooperation skills this afternoon.

Joey said, "William's our coach."

William said, "I'll set up the pins."

William said, "I really want a turn also."

Larry said, "He gets two turns, then I get two turns."

The children talked and worked together and everyone was able to have a turn bowling. They set up the pins and were able to roll the ball two times in a row. 
Teaching Strategies Gold: Social-Emotional Development #3 Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situation.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Artists in Full Bloom!

Happy Friday! 
Children spent their day outside. They were running, climbing, riding bikes, exploring with water and sand, and so much more! Students were also able to express their creative side. At the art table, children had the option of sketching the nature around them. Children sat in chairs facing the planted flowers. They sketched what they saw and then took their sketch to the table to add color to it. Students used watercolor to expand their artwork.
Mark said, "Yep, they're long like that."

"I made that one."

Harper said, "I want to finish my purple flower."

Children also helped paint a canvas black. This project is a working progress. Painting it black is the first step.
Frankie said, "I'm painting a big thing."

Teaching Strategies Gold: Science and Technology #25
Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things.
Ms. O'Brien