Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Last Day Before Summer Session

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Today was our last day before the summer session begins on May 13th.  We really switched things up today to try and beat the weather.  The Oak and Pine rooms were open this morning and so was the outdoors.  All of the rooms were open in the afternoon.

The night crawlers were very popular in the Walnut room.  We cleaned them, watched them under magnifying glasses, and drew sketches of them.

A lot happened in the Oak room today.  Children continued to sort the water beads by color and use the buddha boards.  

We spent a lot of extra time outdoors today doing various different things.

Have a fantastic summer,
Ms. Baer & Ms. Youngblom 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Sunny Monday!!

 Today in the Maple Room the children built ramps and worked on hammering pieces of wood together!

We went outside twice today because it was so beautiful out! The children collected worms and loved playing in the sandbox. 

In the Pine Room the children played with the babies and worked in the box as firefighters!

In the Oak Room the children made birds nests on the pottery wheel and continued to paint their bottles and add 3d art to it! 

In the Walnut Room the children planted flowers and explored the worms more!

Miss Smith & Miss Kowalski

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Thursday! 

In Walnut today, the children had fun experimenting with dumping colored water into various containers and even figured out how to make a tall squirt of water occur with the containers. The petunias that are in the room have started to grow, so the tops have been removed and now leaves are visible. Children also made shadows with different animal figurines.



There were a few zoos created in the Maple room today. The blocks were a hot commodity as well, with train stations and houses being built.

In the Hallway the children were busy making music and practicing their balancing skills by walking while holding onto a spoon with a wooden egg on it!



The colored marbles in water were felt and explored by the children at the light table. Buddha boards were also a new item of interest in the Oak room. The children also danced to several songs in the morning, including the very popular Penguin Dance song!

In the Indoor Movement Room, a game of balloon volleyball took place in the morning, while another dance party went on during the afternoon!

Our day was a little bit different today, instead of going outside, we went on a walk around the EHS building because of the bad weather!

 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
 Ms. Goodman & Ms. Parrott

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Wednesday!!!

In the Walnut Room today, there was playing with the soil and grass. The children were also very interested in the water tables with purple water and dumping the water into the cups.

In the Oak Room, the clay on the floor was very popular. The water beads are now colorful and the children had a fun time exploring them.

In the Maple Room, there were lots of structures being built including ramps for the cars.

In the Pine Room, there was lots of cooking in the kitchen. There was also a lot of action with the babies.

In the hallway, the children made mail for their friends, and explored the musical instruments.

We beat the rain, and were able to go outside twice today! The children had fun riding on the bikes, walking on the cup stilts,playing tag, digging for treasures and worms in the sandbox! 

~Ms. Hayes & Ms. Bonner

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday April 16, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Ms. Parrott sings 'Bingo' using the children's names for attendance
Today in the Pine room the children continue to play in cars and firetrucks they made out of card board boxes. 

In the Maple room, the children built many different ships out of magna-tiles. 

In the Oak room, the children continued to work on painting their glass bottles as well as exploring in the water searching for clear water beads.

In the Walnut, many especially enjoyed playing in the water table exploring how fast or slow water dripped through each cups. Marble tracks have been a big hit for the children and have made collaborated efforts with each other. 

"It's invisible!!" -Aiden R.

This morning in the indoor movement room, many sang and danced having a dance party to all the children's favorite songs. In the afternoon, the children made their way through an obstacle course. 

Ms. Tierney & Ms. Owens

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Happy Monday and Welcome Back!

Today was a beautiful day outside, no rain or snow, so we were able to go outside twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  In the morning the children enjoyed riding bikes around and were able to finally play in the sand box!  In the afternoon they enjoyed the sand box as well as basketball, bouncy balls and soccer balls.

In the Walnut room the children played with water in the wet sensory table, using cups with different size holes on the bottoms to experiment.  They also got to play with the dirt and grass again, cutting and planting different flowers.

In the Oak room were able to use yarn to paint with different colors and at the light table we added water beads to water.  The water beads expand when they are submerged in the water.

In the Maple room transportation was talked about almost all day.  The children built a rocket ship launcher, an airport, a bus station and car garage.  They also played with the yellow buses and wooden cars and trucks.

In the Pine room a new car was added, they were driving it and using it as a boat to go fishing.

The hallway was used for marching bands and a lot of the children also made mail for themselves and other people.

-Miss. Bartek & Miss. Rasmussen

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Thursday!
This morning we had Osama and Samir's mom visit us in the Oak room where she taught the children numbers in Arabic. Gavin's dad also joined us in the Maple room at the end of the day for a little bit. 

We had Yoga going on all day in the indoor movement room. The children enjoyed doing different animal poses.

 In the Walnut room the children added color again to the clean mud.
"It feels like goo"

The buses were speeding around all day in the Maple room. Some children also pretended to go into outer space in their space shuttles.

Luckily the rain held up long enough for us to go outside. Many children had a blast jumping in the muddy puddles and finding "wormies". 

 Have a GREAT weekend!
-Ms. Haggerty & Ms. Youngbloom


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Rainy Wednesday!

Today was another busy in the in the CDLL. 

The children continued to use the popular magna tiles in the Walnut Room and the writing center there was also very popular!

The Oak Room was busy with airplane 3D building and painting structures that they have built in the past. The painting easels were also a big hit today among children.

Dress up was popular in the Pine Room, as well as the camping store and cooking in the kitchen!

The children enjoyed using the hand saw in the Maple Room and the Lego table was also a big hit.

In the Hallway today, the children enjoyed making music, writing in different languages at the mail center, and even making hand fans!

Lastly, at center time this afternoon, we had a special guest! Elian's mom came in and read the children some stories about diversity and human rights. We learned that even though we may look different in some ways, we still have many similarities between us. We also learned that everyone has rights, like the right to live and the right to be safe.

  ~Ms. Schmunk and Ms. Smith~