Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lots of fun with the CDLL families!

Today was the last day with the children at the CDLL and we have had an amazing year! There were many activities today at the picnic that the kids had a blast at!

 During the past couple weeks, they have been working on a fish mural which was finished and displayed at the fishing spot. They were each given a pole to throw over and try to catch a "fish". They were so excited to see all the prizes that the fish were giving out.

In the walnut room, we had a dark room set up for the light tables where they did many fun activities at. Today we took down the panals and they were able to draw whatever they wanted on them.

Hat day was today. We all had so much fun making some hats out of newspaper. They were able to decorate their hat any way that they wanted to!

 The children were able to get their face painted! 

We had an awesome time having a photo booth at our family picnic. There were many hats and crazy glasses that they all enjoyed wearing!

Today was lots of fun and thanks to all the families who were came out to celebrate the last day with us. Have an AMAZING summer!!
Ms. Van Buren

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The School Year Has Come to an End

We sure did get to enjoy everyone's company on our last day with water day! What a great way to say farewell! We had our last lunch as a school today in our dinning room, which was followed by an eventful and exciting afternoon of water play! Look what we did... 

Slip n' slide with sprinklers! Even some of the teachers joined in for some fun. 

Body paint 
Cleaning off in our car wash! 
Shaving cream pool

It's been a fantastic summer here at the CDLL! I enjoyed every moment with you and your children.  I look forward to our end of the year celebration tomorrow! 

See you then, 
Ms. Knoth 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pajama Monday!

Many children and teachers showed up at school today with their pajamas on!  The children were excited to share with one another what was on their pajamas.  On top of it being pajama day, we also had a lot of other things going 

Outside the sensory tables were filled with tadpoles and there was also a bucket with a frog!  The children were able to scoop up the tadpoles in their hands and pet the frog, but they had to remember to be gentle with each.  "A pole!  A pole!  I caught a one!" -Audrey

Both pods ate lunch together on the picnic tables on the playground and later our snack was delivered by the campus pod mobile.  Remy, Allen, Chloe, Tristan, and Drew are enjoying some delicious baked potato chips.  

 After the police officers made their visit a few weeks ago, the children brainstormed ideas of how to say thank you.  Some children made cards for the police officers and they thought it would be nice to bake them something.  Today, in the kitchen during morning center time, some children helped Mrs. Kauppi make cookies for the police officers to go along with the cards.  A group of children delivered them to the police station!  The police officers were really surprised.  What a great way to say thank you!

We are looking forward to tomorrow's mix-match and water day!  Don't forget that sunscreen!  See everyone tomorrow :)

-Ms. Hayman


Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Perfect Way To End The Week!

Even though the end is near the children are still kept enguaged and busy! Today children, whom built 3D wooden structures, were finally able to experiance POUR PAINTING. Oliver J., Madalynn and Aiden R. all were eagar to begin this activity.


Madalynn and Oliver's finished products!

Today was a picnic day and for this one we decided to head over to the Health Professions building. This lunch was combined so that the children were able to eat with their friends from the other pod. On our walk to the HP building the children were able to see CMU's lovely campus. They loved seeing the construction men at work!

When Ms. Weller arrived back from her walk with some of the children, she brought back a surprise! TADPOLES! The children on the walk caught them and wanted to bring them back to show their friends! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday!

-Ms. Estrada

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What a Fun Filled Wednesday!

Today we took our field trip to CMU's Student Activity Center bowling alley!  Pod B headed to bowl after morning large group while Pod A enjoyed center time.  After center time was over, it was time for Pod A to head over to Rose Pond for a picnic lunch and Pod B finished up bowling to meet everyone!  Pod B was telling Pod A all about how bowling went and even gave some tips.  After the children were done eating, they were able to run on the big hillside next to the pond.

Some parents and family members joined us for the picnic and bowling and others stayed throughout the day.  The children enjoyed bowling and Oliver R. even said, "I want to come here every day for school.  The whole day!"  

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us today.  Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

-Ms. Hayman

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thankful for a Rain Free Tuesday!

It's been a warm and sunny Tuesday!

We were very happy the rain clouds stayed away today and we were excited to enjoy some nice weather again. We made sure we caught up for lost time in the sun, engaging in many outdoor activities. Our veits woods groups were able to spend the day exploring in the woods!

Our rain barrels were filled and ready to use in our mud kitchen sandbox! Something we haven't been able to use in some time now and it sure was a hit. We also gave our baby dolls baths outside in our water tables.

Our art cart on our art deck outside had some new supplies to create with! We kicked off our socks and shoes and made foot prints in some foot clay. Seeing what kinds of shapes and prints we could make with our toes and heels. 

While discussing and planting vegetables in our gardens outside, there was expressed interest in growing lemons. We discussed that a lemon tree would not be able to grow in our Michigan environment and would have to stay indoors. We held onto some lemon seeds from yesterday when  we made fresh squeezed lemonade. Today in the kitchen we took those seeds and planted 12 seeds inside. We are very anxious to see what happens. Any predictions? 

We are looking forward to our bowling field trip tomorrow!! 

See you all then, 
Ms. Knoth 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Busy Monday!

This morning we started our day with a visit from some clucking friends.  Wesley's dad brought in six chickens from their house to let us explore.  Many of the children were able to hold the chickens and be inside the gated area with them. 

The art cart had paint in spray bottles with large people cut outs for them to paint on.  We also added grass/seaweed onto the fish mural.  While adding the grass with glue Nicholas said "this kinda looks like ranch, I love eating ranch with my carrots!"  

During center time the children enjoyed washing the pretend babies outside today!

Today was a busy day with lots of new things going on at the CDLL. 
Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

-Ms. Kampfert & Ms. Kleinjans-