Monday, June 17, 2013

Pajama Monday!

Many children and teachers showed up at school today with their pajamas on!  The children were excited to share with one another what was on their pajamas.  On top of it being pajama day, we also had a lot of other things going 

Outside the sensory tables were filled with tadpoles and there was also a bucket with a frog!  The children were able to scoop up the tadpoles in their hands and pet the frog, but they had to remember to be gentle with each.  "A pole!  A pole!  I caught a one!" -Audrey

Both pods ate lunch together on the picnic tables on the playground and later our snack was delivered by the campus pod mobile.  Remy, Allen, Chloe, Tristan, and Drew are enjoying some delicious baked potato chips.  

 After the police officers made their visit a few weeks ago, the children brainstormed ideas of how to say thank you.  Some children made cards for the police officers and they thought it would be nice to bake them something.  Today, in the kitchen during morning center time, some children helped Mrs. Kauppi make cookies for the police officers to go along with the cards.  A group of children delivered them to the police station!  The police officers were really surprised.  What a great way to say thank you!

We are looking forward to tomorrow's mix-match and water day!  Don't forget that sunscreen!  See everyone tomorrow :)

-Ms. Hayman


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