Monday, June 3, 2013

Fun Filled Monday!

Over the weekend the butterflies emerged from the chrysalis's and were welcomed into the world.  Today many children, and their families, visited the Walnut room to check out the butterflies!

The CMU police visited the CDLL today and the children really enjoyed their time spent with the officers.  Officer Ballard and Officer Rico talked with the children about safety.  When they asked the children what they knew about safety some replied by saying "no going in the road" and "cross the road with your teacher".  They Officers then asked the children if they knew what a stranger was.  Asher said "bad guys".  Oliver R. said "someone you don't know".  Talia said "someone you don't know and they might take something".  The police officers told the children if there is ever a stranger to yell stranger danger to help keep them safe.   

High fives from Officer Ballard! 

(Left)Trying on police officer clothing.  Damian said "this shirt is long, all the way to my toes". 

(Right) Officer Rico passing out badge stickers to all the children. 

Lunch Time!

Matt got all buckled in the back of one of the police cars.  He said "wow, this is fun!"  While inside the police cars the children were able to push the siren buttons, turn on the flashing lights, talk in the microphone, and even call dispatch and talk over the walkie talkie. 

Later in the afternoon some CMU science methods students came to the CDLL to let the children explore with bubbles in  many different ways!

We had a great day at the CDLL today, we hope you all did too! 
See you tomorrow =) 

Ms. Kleinjans

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