Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lots of fun with the CDLL families!

Today was the last day with the children at the CDLL and we have had an amazing year! There were many activities today at the picnic that the kids had a blast at!

 During the past couple weeks, they have been working on a fish mural which was finished and displayed at the fishing spot. They were each given a pole to throw over and try to catch a "fish". They were so excited to see all the prizes that the fish were giving out.

In the walnut room, we had a dark room set up for the light tables where they did many fun activities at. Today we took down the panals and they were able to draw whatever they wanted on them.

Hat day was today. We all had so much fun making some hats out of newspaper. They were able to decorate their hat any way that they wanted to!

 The children were able to get their face painted! 

We had an awesome time having a photo booth at our family picnic. There were many hats and crazy glasses that they all enjoyed wearing!

Today was lots of fun and thanks to all the families who were came out to celebrate the last day with us. Have an AMAZING summer!!
Ms. Van Buren

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