Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Day Outside!

We were so happy to spend yet another day outside this week.  The weather allowed us to plant our vegetable garden. The children helped us plant tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, green and yellow peppers, squash, carrots and corn. The whole process was fun: digging the dirt with our hands and shovels, finding grubs and worms, then planting either seeds or plants.

Both pods ate lunch together today over by the pond close to the library. The scenery was beautiful between the landscape, pond and gazebo. After lunch we climbed and jumped on the rocks, crawled through a tunnel, jumped in potato sacks, tossed some bean bags, played with the parachute, and even rolled down the hill.

Today was a special day that we used the computer to sykpe to our friends. Osama and Samir have been gone for the summer semester. The children and staff have missed them and were glad we had the chance to talk and visit with them again.

It was a little chilly outside today, but we will take it over the rain. We hope the sun will come out tomorrow.

Mrs. Omans

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