Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Instrumental Tuesday!

Today the CDLL had two guest volunteers! In the morning, Tolga, Ela's dad came in to share his musical talents by playing Turkish songs on his guitar and flute. The children sang along with Tolga to the ABC's and Wheels On The Bus. During center time, the children were able to explore and play the instruments in the Indoor Movement Room. During the afternoon, our second volunteer, the CMU Women's Choir joined us. The children used egg shakers and shook them along with the beat of each song. Thank you to all of the musical volunteers who took time out of their day to share their talents with the CDLL! 

Pelumi, Jaquez, Nikayla, and Ellianna explored how to play the xylophone. 

Tony, Jaquez, and Ofure watched Tolga play his flute during center time. 

Olivia L. explored a new type of musical instrument that Tolga shared with the children!

Tolga led the children in a musical parade throughout the school! 
The children moved the egg shakers to the beat as the choir sang Jingle Bells.  
Have a wonderful long weekend!
-Miss. Strobl & Miss. Minner

Teaching Strategies Gold: The Arts: Explores music and dance concepts

Musical Tuesday

Today in the Child Development and Learning Lab, we had two different musical guests. Our first guest was Ela's dad Tolga. He visited during morning center time and performed some songs in Turkish with the guitar. He also played the flute and had the children sing along to the ABC's and The Wheels On the Bus. When we opened all the rooms for center time, the children had the opportunity to go into the indoor movement room continue playing music with Tolga. Before he left, he lead a parade around the hallway with children marching behind. In the morning, we also expanded center time due to the cold weather. The children were able to spend some time outside but for a shorter amount of time. We also had an earlier rest time due to the Central Michigan's Women's Choir. The school gathered in the indoor movement room and listened while the choir sang some holiday songs. Before they left, the choir handed out shakers to the children and they were all able to sing Jingle Bells. At the end of the day, the children had the opportunity to dance with scarves in the indoor movement room, instead of going outside. Hope you enjoy your long weekend, see you all on Monday. 

Teaching Strategy Objective: The Arts
Explores musical concepts and expression

We would like to thank Tolga and the CMU's Women's Choir for coming and taking time to share their passion of music with us. 

Miss Yost and Miss Melching 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away!

Welcome back, it was a rainy day today. We have two short days this week before going on break.  
The semester is coming to an end quickly. Over the course of the semester we have seen the children grow and become more comfortable at school. The children have interacted, collaborated, and formed relationships with one another and the teachers. Today in the Maple room the children played a game where they formed a chain, weaving in and out of "windows", it was a success! They worked together to add on to the chain and not break it! Some children explored new material and items that were placed around the whole school. The new material will still be available for the children to play with when they come back to school next week. Tomorrow's schedule is going to be different because the CDLL is expecting guest performers. 
Hopefully the weather clears up for tomorrow so the children can enjoy the outside!
I hope you have a good break!
Mrs. Barber 
The children played bluebird, bluebird during large group

Annabella, Isabell, and Jamie drew with one another on the light table

Luke was helping Casey make a map in the Maple room

TS GOLD: Social-Emotional 
Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

Apple Pie Monday!

Hello CDLL Families!  The students had the opportunity to sign up during planning time to be in the kitchen to work with Ms. Kauppi, Mrs. Nelson and myself to make mini apple pies for the entire preschool.  First, the children went over knife safety and talked about the teeth of the knife.  Jamie reminded the group, "Keep your eyes on the knife".  The children then cut the apples into small pieces.  They each took a turn mixing the cinnamon sugar into the apples. Next, the students used their fine motor skills to gently push the dough into the silicone pie cups.  They then scooped the apples into the pie and picked a pie crust piece to decorate the top. The children that joined us today were:  AJ, Leah, Hala, Jaquez, Isabell, Jamie, Ainsley and Casey.

AJ and Leah working to cut the apples into small pieces for the pies

Casey stirs the cinnamon sugar into the cut up apples

Ainsley is pushing the pie dough into the silicone cup

Hala scoops apples into the pie cup

Finished products before baking in the oven

Delicious apple pies for the CDLL to enjoy!

Have a great evening and a wonderful long weekend!
Ms. Kittle

TS Gold Strategy: Social-Emotional #3 - Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do you want to build a snowman?

Happy Thursday! This morning in the Walnut room, Sarah, Brooke, Daniel, and Makenzie drew pictures with high lighters in the black light room. Christopher and James built a bridge using the monkeys from the game Barrel of Monkeys. In the Oak room, Memo and Tony explored a new way of using the finger paints by using corn husks and rolling them in the paint. Axel and Olivia L. worked on stringing wire around nature items. In the Maple room, Casey used blocks to build a town for his shark to knock down. Dominic built a giant building using the brick blocks. In the Pine room, Evan went shopping for groceries to make dinner. Alex and Sanuthi pushed around their groceries in the shopping carts. At the end of the day there was an obstacle course set up in the Indoor Movement room. The children walked across a balance beam, jumped through the hoops, rolled across the tumble pad, and then made their way over the stairs. 
Gigi made her way across her balance beam backwards

Zin put on a puppet show for a teacher and Fifi

Savanna was trying to see if she saw something inside of the pine cones
Dominic said, "I'm makin' a giant building."

Casey said, "I'm gonna build a town." After he built the town a shark came through and knocked all of the buildings over. Casey said, "The people were shocked."

Have a good weekend! See you on Monday!
Miss. Minner and Miss. Strobl

Teaching Strategies Gold: Physical - Demonstrates traveling skills

Frozen Thursday

This morning in the Maple room Kaden, Kallix, Jace, Dokoda, A.J., and Jaquez were all playing with the legos. Kallix said, "this is an airplane," Kaden said, "an airplane with a driver," and Jace said, "its a race car." Also, Max, Pelumi, Zin were building with the magnatiles. When the teacher asked what they were making Pelumi said, "a museum," and then Zin said, "for cars." In the Pine room Ainsley, PJ, Cooper, Jamie, Isabell, Alex and Violet were working with the Lego's on the carpet.  PJ, Isabell, Ainsley and Destiny were all shopping throughout the Pine room.  Also Jamie, Nikalyla, Destiny and Cynthia were playing with the babies. Even though it was cold, we were still able to spend some time outside. During the afternoon, we extended the center time and then ended the day all together in the indoor movement room. There was an obstacle course set up, they began with the balance beam, then jumped through four hula hoops, and went to the tumble mat. Then the obstacle course ended with the stepping stairs. Overall, today was an eventful day.

Teaching Strategy Objective: Cognitive
Uses symbols and images to represent something not present 

Have a great weekend!!
Miss Yost and Miss Melching

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Snowy and Productive Wednesday!

Today, was a snowy day! It snowed all day, so the children were able to go outside once today and played inside in the afternoon. The children were given a choice where they wanted to play. Here are some things that happened today!

O'fure spelled her name backwards using magnetic alphabet letters.
Ty and Tony were painting Mod Podge onto the painted rock.
Leah was helping FiFi put on a jacket.
Leah said, "I'm helping her put her jacket on."
Axel made a collage of his grandma.
He said, "This is going to be the nose. I'm making my grandma. This is going to be her ears."

 Nikayla and Carter made snow angels in the snow.

In the Indoor Movement, there was a parachute activity for the children. They made waves and bounced the ball that was on the parachute.

Hope you have a great week!

TS Gold: Social-Emotional#3-
Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

Hien Le

Snowy Wednesday!

Today the children in the Walnut room played with play-doh, and they cut out letter shapes with cookie cutters. They also had an opportunity to gut a pumpkin. We are saving the seeds for future use. The bug wall was also popular in the Walnut room today. Tommy and Annabella both identified bugs on the wall. In the Pine room, Max examined teeth at the dentist station, while Ty and NA'Zya went shopping! Overall today was eventful, the children played in the fresh snow outside and worked together in the afternoon to keep balls bouncing on the parachute.

TS Gold: Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things

Have a fantastic day! Ms. Ciampa

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A windy, snowy, winter day!

Today was a cold and snowy day outside! This morning in the Maple Room, Zin used the Hue blocks to make a road for his cars to drive on. Jaquez and kaden worked together to build a railroad track for their trains. In the Pine Room, EJ was pretending to be a bus driver. He drove to many different places, Makenzie rode the bus home and PJ got dropped off at school. The children were able to go outside and experience the snow flurries dressed in their snow gear. In the afternoon, Carter added glitter paint to the community rock project. Once it is completed we will be placing it outside of the preschool. Juli, Andrew, Gabrielle, Christopher and James explored the water table. They used long tubes, turkey basters, and measuring cups to transfer the water from one table to another. At the end of the day everyone went to the indoor movement room for a dance party. The children used scarves to dance along to Let It Go, Do You Want To Build A Snowman? And What Does the Fox Say?

Jacuzzi and Kaden moved their trains along the track they built. 

Memo, Leah and Mrs. Bristley worked together to build a castle using a variety of blocks. 
Christopher and James worked together to move the water through the long tube from one table to the other. 

Makenzie, EJ, and PJ pretended to ride on the bus together after they went grocery shopping. 
Marilyn got delivered to her mom in the scarf bin after the dance party!
Have a great night & we will see you Thursday! 
-Miss. Strobl & Miss. Minner

Teaching Strategies Gold: The Arts: Explores dance and movement concepts

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Today was an energetic day in the preschool. This morning in the Walnut room, Tony, Juli, Aidan, Dominic, Jamie, Sanuthi, and Micah spent time at the sensory table digging out pumpkin seeds. Before the children opened up the pumpkin they made predictions how it would look inside and they guessed how many seeds would be inside the pumpkin. Also, the teacher asked the children what we could do with the seeds afterwards and Aidan said, "Put in trash," Jamie said, "make more pumpkins," and Juli said, "cook and eat them." In the Oak room, adding glitter to the community rock was a popular activity.  Serenity, Destiny, NA'Zya, Brooke, Sarah, Savanna and Marcilyn all participated in painting the rock.  Finger painting was also a fairly popular activity.  Serenity, NA'Zya and Destiny all spent a good portion of their morning exploring finger paint.  We also went outside today for a short period of time.  The children were able to explore the snow. Olivia L, James, Sabryna, Gabrielle and James all made snow angels. At the end of the day, we gathered all together and had a dance party in the indoor movement room instead of going outside. Overall, even though the weather outside was cold, the children kept busy inside. 

Teaching Strategy Objective: Science and Technology
Demonstrates knowledge of Earth's Environment 

Have a Great Night and we are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!
Miss Yost and Miss Melching

Monday, November 17, 2014

Snowy Monday!

Hello Families!

Today was a very wet snowy day outside so we spent a lot of our day indoors. During morning group each classroom had students from the Music Department visit in order to teach us new songs and play new games. In the Oak room we played on drums while singing a song about a turkey. 

Later that day other children explored the materials at the paper table. Carter created a motorcycle with a rider out of paper by curling, rolling and bending the paper. Carter and a teacher decided that they would use the design as provocation that way if other children were interested in making something like Carter did the motorcycle would be available with the other paper shapes in the Oak room. 

In the afternoon since all of our snow pants were wet we had an extra long indoor center time instead of going outside a second time. We finished the day by singing songs and playing games at an afternoon large group. I hope to see everyone tomorrow!

Amanda Overbeck