Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Hex Bugs are Back!!!

The Hex bugs are back and it really is a favorite! The children were enjoying playing with the Hex bugs all morning and afternoon in the Oak room. The Hex bugs truly are a hit and the children seem to really enjoy playing with them. In the morning, most of the children were using their Hex bugs to make them go up and down the ramp they created. They would place the Hex bug at the top or bottom of the ramp and watch it travel all the way to the other side in amazement. In the afternoon, the children made homes and communities out of the building blocks for their Hex bugs

Community building with the Hex bugs

Sarah made a home for her Hex bug and she said it likes to hide in the dark spots.

"I made my Hex bug a home" -Leanes 

"My Hex buggy a'int going no where"  -Lexi

Zoey is placing the Hex bug on this ramp that she and the children made, and watching it move upward. 

Teaching Strategy #28: Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks.
HDF 409: Shatarea Simms

Outdoor Fun at the CDLL

Some spring weather visited everyone at the CDLL today. The children were able to choose to go outside for a second time because of it. The sun shined bright in the afternoon as the children engaged in outdoor play. The bikes seemed to grab the interest of many children, as almost each one was occupied. A large sized game of connect four was placed on the side walk, and seemed to always have a group crowded around waiting to play. Other children created their own games to play while enjoying the weather and interacting with eachother.

Thomas riding past on a bike.

A group of children pulling each other in wagons and engaging in play together.

A few children enjoyed jumping from one rock to another near the sandbox.

Ella wearing sunglasses on this sunny day.

Teaching Strategies: Objective 4: Demonstrates traveling skills & Objective 2: Establishes and sustains positive relationships
Darden 409

Monday, March 27, 2017

Visitors in Oak

Today in the Oak Room there were some special visitors. During large group the children were given the opportunity to participate in Tai-Chi. Everyone gathered in the Indoor Movement Room to take part in a calming experience. Miss Ann, the leader of the activity was aiming for the children to find a sense of peace and calmness inside themselves. Each child participated in the various moves that were demonstrated during the session. The children were making comments on the moves and they referenced the slow paced movements to familiar fast paced movements. At the end of the session the children gathered in a circle to talk about their experiences while practicing the movements. The children seemed to have a positive experience while practicing Tai-Chi. It is enjoyable to welcome guest into our school for the children to experience new things. We thank them for taking the time to spend their Monday morning with us.

"Look at me!" -Harper

"I'm doing it right now, Mathias!"
"I'm a boat."-Divine

"I am doing this, look how slow I'm moving."-Jonathan
"These movements are in your mind."-Daley

"I am really good at this."-Leanes

Teaching Strategy: 6. Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

By: Miss Millmine

Exploring CMU!

Today Mrs. Weller's small group took a walk around CMU's campus. They walked to various buildings around campus that they were familiar with and have previously been to. While on the walk the children pointed out the buildings and said their name and what they did in that building. When walking passed the BioSciences building, Asher pointed it out and said, "there's the BioScience building." Carter then said, "we looked at fish there." When the children noticed Mrs. Weller taking pictures of the buildings they were talking about, they decided they wanted to get their pictures taken in front of a variety of CMU landmarks. 
The children in front of "the fan."

The children at the multicultural fraternity rock

"It's like a table and chairs!" - Sarah
To end the children's walk before heading back to school they were able to go into the greenhouse to explore. While in the greenhouse the children searched for fish, looked at all of the plants, and made sure not to touch the cactus. 
The children walking through

"Look there's a fish."- Rohan

Teaching Strategies Gold
Objective 31: Explores change related to familiar people or places

Lindsey Rennie, HDF 409

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Busy Building in Oak!

Today the Oak Room kept busy building! There were many different projects that the children worked on developing throughout the day. Over on the rug the children worked with magnetic blocks to create homes to hide their Legos. On the other side of the room the children worked on building train tracks and a ramp for their cars. A group of children made an underground garage for their cars and another ramp that would catch the cars as they flew off the track. The children used inventive thinking to brainstorm new ways to use the materials while working as a team toward a common goal.

Annika: " This is the lego's house." 

Jace: "Can I have a try?"
Mathias: "Yes, Jace hasn't had a turn yet." 

Divine: "That car is to big, maybe this (the ramp) needs to be higher."
Mathias: "I'll hold it for you." 

Macrae: "I'm making a trap

Thomas: "Oh no, the train can't go."

Teaching Strategy: Cognitive (11e) Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking.
Social-Emotional(2) Establishes and stains positive relationships

3/23/17 HDF 409 MacKenzie Gentner 

In the Indoor Movement room, the children had the chance to do an obstacle course with Miss Darden. They started out with walking across the balance beam, then they jumped on top of a mat. They then walked up and down the stairs and ended with a somersault on another mat!
Ramona on the balance beam

Taevion practicing his balancing skills

Lily K. doing a somersault
 The children have been going out all week without snow pants on! They are also starting to go outside twice a day thanks to the weather change! Bring it on Spring!
Rohan was so excited that he climbed up on the structure. He was calling out to all of the teachers to show them.


 Amelia Doerr HDF 409

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fun Filled Wednesday!

Today in the CDLL, many activities occurred throughout the day! In the Pine room, children were performing on the stage. One of the children sang the song "True Colors". In the kitchen area, children explored different roles in a family by pretending to be a dog, a mom, a dad, a brother, or a sister. In the writing center, children made different pictures representing 'buddies' who had various powers. The children went outside twice today, since spring is warming up the temperatures the children were able to run and enjoy the fresh air. Some of the children made books and started to illustrate them. The children had a fun filled day!

"True colors are beautiful
I see your true colors" - Graeme

"Where's my buddy?" - Evie 

"Teacher, watch this!" - Ryan

"Woof Woof!" - Coen

"I'm making a sun!" - Sage 

Teaching Strategies: 
11e. Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking 

Megan Shea 
HDF 409

Pine's Morning Large Group

Today, morning large group in the Pine Room was something that most of the children got excited about. First Miss Rennie told the story of The Three Little Pigs using the felt board. The children helped her tell the story by saying the parts that are repetitive.

After the story, the children were able to participate in group Yoga. Miss Rennie had multiple cards which showed the pose they were going to do, some of which include the tree pose, downward dog, and the rock pose.

During the story the children said "Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin" each time the Wolf asked the pigs to come in. 

"I'm balancing like a tree"

Some children took the "dog" pose literally and crawled around and barked.

"Look I'm doing it"

Teaching Strategies Objective 3: Participates Cooperatively and Constructively in Group Situations

Abigail Lucas HDF 409

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pottery Wheel Play!

Today in the Maple Room, some children chose to work with the pottery wheel. Many of the children recalled techniques that Mrs. Potter had showed them while doing pottery wheel appointments earlier in the semester.  The children were also very creative in their play, some coming up with elaborate creations (for example, a volcano that shoots out apple juice instead of lava!)

"Look at my hands!!" - Ella

"I wonder if I could make a snowman." - Ryan

Ella and Tegan creating their "volcanos"!

- Kayla Welker

Teaching Strategies: 28 - Uses technology and other tools to perform tasks

Playing with the Train Set on Tuesday

Today at the CDLL in the Oak room the children were playing with the trains and the tracks. There were tracks that were very different, some went straight, some curved, some split the track, and there was even a bridge. The trains were of different sizes, but there was one that was electronic. This train would move on its own and pull other ones. The children were very interested in this train and wanted to make different tracks to see if it would make it across them. The children were taking turns using the train and other trains. The children were cooperating and working together to build the track and make sure that the train can make it through the track.
Thomas, Harper, John, and Livy are working together to build
thevtrain track and move the different trains around. 

Thomas and Rohan are working on the bridge for the train
to go over. They are working to make sure that the train
can go over the bridge without help.

Rohan is discussing with Thomas the different ways that he
thinks the train travel on the track.
Teaching Strategies Objective 3.  Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations
3/21/17 HDF 409 William Sheahan-Stahl

Monday, March 20, 2017

Walnut Mania!

This week in the Walnut Room the teachers set new material out for the children. They were able to use their fine motor skills while working with the kinetic sand. They were able to explore the wonders in the sensory table. They could also challenge each other in a  quick board game!

Mr. Young: "Where'd it go?"
Rayyan: "There it is!!"

"I landed on the number 4"- Mathias

"Jace, you can share with me" - James

Teaching Strategy: #11 Cognitive Development: Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

Michael Young