Monday, March 27, 2017

Exploring CMU!

Today Mrs. Weller's small group took a walk around CMU's campus. They walked to various buildings around campus that they were familiar with and have previously been to. While on the walk the children pointed out the buildings and said their name and what they did in that building. When walking passed the BioSciences building, Asher pointed it out and said, "there's the BioScience building." Carter then said, "we looked at fish there." When the children noticed Mrs. Weller taking pictures of the buildings they were talking about, they decided they wanted to get their pictures taken in front of a variety of CMU landmarks. 
The children in front of "the fan."

The children at the multicultural fraternity rock

"It's like a table and chairs!" - Sarah
To end the children's walk before heading back to school they were able to go into the greenhouse to explore. While in the greenhouse the children searched for fish, looked at all of the plants, and made sure not to touch the cactus. 
The children walking through

"Look there's a fish."- Rohan

Teaching Strategies Gold
Objective 31: Explores change related to familiar people or places

Lindsey Rennie, HDF 409

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