Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Playing with the Train Set on Tuesday

Today at the CDLL in the Oak room the children were playing with the trains and the tracks. There were tracks that were very different, some went straight, some curved, some split the track, and there was even a bridge. The trains were of different sizes, but there was one that was electronic. This train would move on its own and pull other ones. The children were very interested in this train and wanted to make different tracks to see if it would make it across them. The children were taking turns using the train and other trains. The children were cooperating and working together to build the track and make sure that the train can make it through the track.
Thomas, Harper, John, and Livy are working together to build
thevtrain track and move the different trains around. 

Thomas and Rohan are working on the bridge for the train
to go over. They are working to make sure that the train
can go over the bridge without help.

Rohan is discussing with Thomas the different ways that he
thinks the train travel on the track.
Teaching Strategies Objective 3.  Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations
3/21/17 HDF 409 William Sheahan-Stahl

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