Thursday, March 23, 2017

Busy Building in Oak!

Today the Oak Room kept busy building! There were many different projects that the children worked on developing throughout the day. Over on the rug the children worked with magnetic blocks to create homes to hide their Legos. On the other side of the room the children worked on building train tracks and a ramp for their cars. A group of children made an underground garage for their cars and another ramp that would catch the cars as they flew off the track. The children used inventive thinking to brainstorm new ways to use the materials while working as a team toward a common goal.

Annika: " This is the lego's house." 

Jace: "Can I have a try?"
Mathias: "Yes, Jace hasn't had a turn yet." 

Divine: "That car is to big, maybe this (the ramp) needs to be higher."
Mathias: "I'll hold it for you." 

Macrae: "I'm making a trap

Thomas: "Oh no, the train can't go."

Teaching Strategy: Cognitive (11e) Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking.
Social-Emotional(2) Establishes and stains positive relationships

3/23/17 HDF 409 MacKenzie Gentner 

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