Thursday, March 2, 2017

Maple Room Masterpieces!

The Maple Room was filled with engaged and intentional play today! The children were excited to experiment with the different tools at the clay table and figure out what kind of designs they could make. They also enjoyed sketching out animals to paint at the watercolor table. These artistic forms of play had the children using their problem solving skills to make different colors and designs with their materials. The children were also able to strengthen their fine motor skills while they made designs with the tools and manipulated the clay with their hands. 

Lily: "I made a face, these are the eyes." 

Michael: "Mrs. Potter, clay is so strong." 

Zoey: "I need to make brown." 

Graeme: "You need yellow to make a ducky, I'm serious." 

Zoey: "I'm trying to make brown, see I'll show you." 

Graeme: "Oh, it's a baby cow." 

Teaching Strategy: 
Objective 7- Demonstrates fine motor strength and coordination 
Objective 11- Attends and engages

MacKenzie Gentner 409

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