Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pottery Wheel

This week, the pottery wheels in the Oak Room were open for the first time this semester. Children were able to use the wheel in order to manipulate the clay in a different way than using the usual tools available. In the afternoon, Andrew and Zoey P. decided to  try the pottery wheels out.

"It's getting higher."
"I'm pushing harder."
-Zoey P.
"I like this!"

Michigan State Standard: Creative Arts. Early Learning Expectation: Visual Arts. Children show how they feel, what they think, and what they are learning through experiences in the visual arts.
Jenna Brackett

Making an Obstacle Course!

Today in the Indoor Movement Room the children were given free rein to make any type of obstacle course they pleased with certain materials. Two tunnels, four plastic multicolored circles, 10 rubber arrows, a chair, a small bridge and the whole open side of the room. The only rules were they had to work as a team and anyone could go through the course as they pleased. There was no one way to do it.

 "This one goes here and those go over there."~ Andrew

"Go through here."~ Andrew 

 "Wait, wait go up"~lily

 "Go, go, go!"~ Anaya 

"Now you know where to go."~ Andrew

"keep going! You cant stop"~ David  

"I going here!"~ Ashtin

 T.S Gold Physical: Demonstrates Traveling Skills 
Miss. Stack 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dance Party!!!

Since it was such a rainy and cold day out, today there was a dance party in the multipurpose room at the end of the day. The children were provided with large see-through scarves which they were able to use as props while performing. Some children used them as veils, skirts, capes or just moved them around while dancing. 

Teaching Strategies:
#35: explores dance and movement concepts. 
Exploring Our School With Maps 

This week the children were introduced to maps that show our school. Today they were very active in trying to find hidden objects all over the school, in the hallways and classrooms. They worked on this individually as well as in groups. 

"I'm looking for the purple dinosaur." -Andrew 

"I found the brown tree." - Lily

Asa and Katherine work together to find the Purple Dinosaur. 

TS Gold 
#32 - Demonstrates simple geographic knowledge
October 28, 2015
Miss. Been 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pretend Play!

The Pine Room or "pretend room" is a popular place for children to dress up and use their imagination. Today there were many children engaging with the dress up clothes and pretending to be babies. The Pine room is a great room for pretending and also experimenting with different clothes and toys.
"I like the orange belt its my favorite." -Olivia

                                        "Im pretending to be a baby" - Alana

"These are Grandma shoes or girl shoes." -Ayrez
Teaching Strategy #14b. Engages in sociodramatic play  
Ms. Goodrich

Monday, October 26, 2015

Obstacle Course

Today in the indoor movement room, there was an obstacle course for the children to use. They started with a floor scooter then hopped in 4 different circles. Then they climbed through a tunnel and ended by throwing bean bags into a bean bag toss. The children were able to practice turn taking in addition to utilizing their large motor skills.

"Pass it to me, Alana!" -Micah

"I can't fit... I'm just kidding!" -Alana

"This time I'm gonna do it on my belly." -Lila Beau

"I'm hopping!" -Lila Beau

TS Gold Standard: Demonstrates Traveling Skills 
Ms. Zylka

Exploring Flowers Outside!

Today the children had a great opportunity to pound flowers with a rock.  The flowers were in between a piece of cloth and when the rock crushed the flowers their colors would bleed through onto the cloth creating a cool design with many different colors.

"I see yellow, blue, pink, black." 
"I like pounding the flowers." - James

"I'm smashing them." - Hailee G. 

"I can smell the flowers." - Anaya 

T.S. Gold: 7. Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination.


Ms. Polsgrove

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Farmers Market

Throughout the semester our school goes on field trips. Today we took a visit to the farmers market. The children noticed different fruits and vegetables; they were able to smell and touch a variety of things. We have added real food in the Pine Room, many children noticed the fruits and pumpkins at the farmers market. In our small groups we were allowed to buy things that we could share with everyone in the school, different groups bought potatoes, apples, and pumpkins.   

"Look! Those are onions, they make you cry." -Dekyn

"I see broccoli!" Mohammad

"We got this from the farmers market, its a minon."

Teaching Strategy #12-Remembers and connects experience; recognizes and recalls.
Brianna McCombs

How Do Children Engage in New Ways of Learning?

How Do Children Engage 

In New Ways of learning?


Today, both Pod A and Pod B visited the Farmers Market at Island Park to enjoy some hands on learning. Each small group was given five dollars to find something at the farmers market that they could buy for the entire school.  They spent some time walking around and observing and learning about the items being sold.  After spending their time at the market, the children were able to play on Timber Town Playground.  We had a beautiful day and great weather for our hands on learning.

"Woah, there are dinosaurs in there!" ~Stephen 

"This is a bumpy pumpkin. I'll hug it!" ~Lila Beau

After walking through the Market, Ms. Gurskys' small group chose to buy honey for their school.  They would like their classmates to be able to try this honey on bread at snack time. 

T.S Gold Strategies: Objective 11a - Attends and Engages
Miss Bomay

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Children Solving Problems Together!

In the Maple Room, Owen, Stephen, Ayrez, Rohan and Andrew experimented with the blocks while using the toy cars. "I want to build a bridge!" Stephen said. He grabbed a long piece of wood, and balanced one end on the platform and the other on the floor. He took a toy car and placed it at the top. The car traveled down to the floor. "Good job!" Rohan said to Stephen. "We're playing together!" He added. "Woah!" Exclaimed Ayrez, as he watched the car speed down the ramp.

Rohan, Owen and Andrew replicated Stephen's ramp, starting with the cars at the top, and watching them roll to the bottom. The cars traveled so fast down the pieces of wood, that they traveled across the floor and the children had to search for their cars amongst the other blocks every time they placed it on the ramp.

 "I lost my car" -Rohan
"Mine too! Where is it at?" -Stephen
"I was looking forever!" -Owen (After he found the car)
"I want car to stop at the bottom!" -Rohan
"I can help!" -Andrew

Andrew took out another block from the shelf, and placed it at the bottom of his ramp.

Rohan placed a car at the top of the long piece of wood, and the children watched as the car sped down and came to a stop at the block on the floor. 

"It stopped!" -Rohan 
"They don't have to look for it anymore?" -Ayrez 
"No, the block stopped the car!" -Andrew
"Wow!" -Stephen

Stephen and Owen both placed blocks at the end of their ramps, and the children watched as their cars traveled down, only to be stopped by the blocks. Rohan and Stephen clapped their hands together, smiling.

Teaching Strategy: #11- Demonstrates positive approaches to learning 

Ms. Ball