Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Today the children were very busy and had a lot of energy! The most exciting thing today was that there was a camping area set up in the Pine room. That are a was extremely popular both in the morning and afternoon. 
Isaiah - "Big foot is gonna get us"

In the indoor movement room we played bowling in the morning and then had spooner boards and scooters in the afternoon.

Tristan -"Look at me teacher, look what I can do! I use my muscles."

In result of all the snow we got the past couple of days the children had enough snow to make a very large snowman. They even voted and named him "Polka-dot"

Hope everyone has a great spring break. See you in 10 days!

Ms. Haggerty & Ms. Youngblom

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

There were colored ice balls scattered across the playground today to add some color to the snow outside. The children had fun finding them outside, breaking them apart, and watching the snow around the area change color. 

In the Walnut room, the magna-tiles were a big hit once again with children building houses and castles. The ice in the sensory table was also an activity of interest for the children, allowing them to find treasures in the ice and break them free from the ice. 

The hallway was very busy today with children making cards and writing letters for their families, friends, and teachers. Children were also busy making music and putting on puppet shows!

Some children helped prepare pasta salad in the kitchen, while others played balloon volleyball in the indoor movement room!

The silly putty was a fun sensory activity for the children. A few children even used the silly putty to make casts on their arms.     

 In the Maple room, there was a lot of ramp building action! Children also enjoyed hammering nails and screws into small pieces of wood. 

Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday as much as we did! 

Stay warm! 
Ms. Goodman & Ms. Parrott J

Friday, February 22, 2013

The 409's will be taking over this week and they are now in charge.  Help them in any way that they need :)

The team planning sheet may change, so make sure to check it before you go into the classrooms.

Good luck to our 409's and have a great week!
It's Thursday!

Today in the Walnut room we had CMU students come and lead the children in experimenting with hot and cold water and ice cubes. They also brought a paper bag penguin craft for the children to make!

In the Maple children continue to build structures and save it on the risers for others to see. Others find ways to use the recyclable materials by playing games they have made up as well as using those materials to build their structures.

In the hallway, some students send mail to other children and teachers, including making stamps and labeling their addresses.

In the large motor room the children used spooner boards in the morning, and in the afternoon we set up an obstacle course!

Today POD A took a walk to the pond by the library to check out the frozen water!

We hope everyone has a great weekend! See you Monday!
Ms. Tierney and Ms. Owens

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Today we had 2 special visitors, Mrs. McGee and Mrs. Potters husband, Gill! In the morning, Gill brought some instruments and played for the children. After he was finished, the children were given a chance to play, too. Mrs. McGee talked about healthy eating and the children had some fruits.

The Walnut room sensory table was filled ice, once again. The children were given rock salt and water colors to experiment with.
The Oak room had marble paintings and lots of jewelry was made!

The Maple room had castle building out of recycled materials and the usual trains and animal homes.

Lastly, the cafe in the Pine room was popular, and so was doctor area.

Looking forward to one more day at school this week!
-Ms. Schmunk and Ms. Hayes

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday February 19th


Today in the kitchen, some children helped make strawberry pies.  The children played kickball during their time in the indoor movement room.

In the Walnut room, the magna tiles were very popular as the children built houses.  They also continued to use the marble tracks.

Many different activities took place in the Oak room today.  The children continued to work with the moon sand that has newly added color.  They made castles and some children imagined they had power tools to cut through the sand.  Marble painting was a new activity that also proved to be popular.

In the Maple, the children explored making ramps with the recycling materials.  They rolled different sized balls down them to see how far they would go.  One piece of recyclable tubing was also turned into a flag.    

"I'm a knight and this is my flag.  I want to paint it." - Tristan  

We're excited to see how the children will explore some of the new materials available for them throughout the rest of this week.  

Ms. Baer and Ms. Youngblom

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday February 18, 2013

Happy Monday!

We all hope you had a good weekend!

In the Pine room, the children played doctor and vet.  They also played in the Cafe and served hot chocolate.

In the Maple room, they had fun tearing the speakers apart and driving the wooden cars.

In the Oak room, the children were making clay beads. They also had fun with the marble painting.

In the Walnut room, the children had fun playing with the ice in one of the sensory tables and noodles and beads in the other sensory table.

-Ms. Rasmussen & Ms. Kowalski

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Thursday!!

There were tons of children making Valentine's for people today and putting them in the mail.

Today in the Walnut room, children were building with the magna-tiles and creating marble tracks.

In the Oak room, the moon sand was popular again and lots of animals and castles were made.

There were a lot of board games being played in Maple today. Also, the new cars were being explored and raced.

The cafe was a very busy place to be in the Pine room today. A lot of children brought their pets into the cafe for some food.

In the kitchen today, children helped Mrs. Kauppi make our heart-shaped english muffin pizzas for snack.

There were children doing yoga in the indoor movement room today stretching, moving, and relaxing their bodies.

We hope everyone has a nice weekend!

-Ms. Goodman & Ms. Haggerty

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Wednesday!!!

Today we had a very exciting adventure to the sledding hill by Moore Hall. The children loved it!

In Oak the children made pottery and did lots of painting.

In Walnut the children made lots of marble structures and magnetic tiles.

In Maple the children got to "drive cars" and they were a big hit! The children also built a lot of castles today!

In the Pine Classroom the animals and babies were very popular!

Miss Smith & Miss Bonner

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi friends and family!

Everyone was busy making Valentine Cards today throughout the school, making them for classmates, friends and family!

In the Oak room the kids were hard at work, helping to make bean art with Mrs. Bristley for La Señorita. 

We got a few new cars to add to the Maple room this week! The kids really enjoyed riding in them, taking trips to Florida, Chuck E Cheese and to their grandparents houses. 

Also in the Oak room there was a lot of building with the recyclable materials going on!

During afternoon centers there was a group of students who helped Mr. Jonaitis to decorate the snowman they had built on Monday!

We hope everyone had a great day!
Ms. Tierney and Ms. Parrott