Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Weekend Everyone!

We enjoyed meeting the newest member of our CDLL family yesterday and today, welcome A.J. we are glad you're here! 

Today we finally got to go outside and play on the playground. The children were riding bikes and using shovels to break up ice that had formed over the garden.

During center time in the Walnut room the children turned on music and took turns choosing which song to dance to.

The construction area was very popular as usual. Lysander worked all morning and afternoon on his structure. A few of his friends even joined in to contribute. 

Also in the Maple room, a lot of children built roads for their ambulances, police cars, and dump trucks to drive on. They really enjoyed making siren noises too!

We hope everyone had a great week and enjoy your weekend!!!
-Ms. Haggerty & Ms. Tierney 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday 1/30/2013

Happy Wednesday!!!

Pod A today went on a walk around Rose Ponds. They also had a surprise fire drill after lunch!

In the Walnut Room the children played with the water wall, and made green snow.

In the Oak Room the children were big in the Ooblek, and pottery wheel. Some children painted beads.

In the Maple Room there was a lot of building going on including schools, zoos, and homes for animals using magnet tiles. There were also race and train tracks going up around the room.

In the Pine Room there were homes being built for the animals and yummy food being made in the kitchen.

The hallway was filled with music from the bells.

The children were excited they got to go outside today!

Ms. Bonner & Ms.Hayes

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello families & friends, 

Today was another eventful day here at the CDLL!

The Walnut room was filled with children utilizing the light and shadow area. 

Children were also busy playing in the fake snow, using spray bottles filled with blue paint to add color!  

In the Oak classroom Kelly, Davis, and William W created centerpieces with recycled objects for the Michigan Creations – Beautiful Stuff Seminar that our CDLL staff will be attending this Saturday in Lansing!

The pottery wheel was busy in the afternoon as well!

In the Maple classroom, Oliver was building with the foam blocks and used magnetic triangles for a sidewalk connecting the two buildings. 
"This is a movie theater and this is the house!” 
Damian was pretending to screw an invisible nail into the old alarm clock.  
“I’m trying to work on this. I’m trying to get this clonk out with this strab.” 
Michael was building with the magnetic squares and triangles and putting his dinosaur in the middle of the five walls he had build.
“I’m building this house for this dinosaur.” 
In Pod A, the children went on a walk to the pond by the Library before lunch. The kids LOVED jumping in the puddles. The children all thought the water was going to be frozen.  When they saw that the pond had not melted they started making snowballs with the icy snow and was throwing them into the pond to watch the water splash.  

Hope you all enjoyed your Tuesday as well,
Miss. Parrott & Miss. Youngblom