Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Billy Goat Thrusday

Today at large group Mrs. Gursky read the book Three Billy Goats Gruff.  It was popular. Jude and Daniel recalled the story using the felt props. "The little billy goat went trip trap, trip trap across the bridge," said Daniel. "You are not going to cross my bridge," said Jude as the troll.  Jaquez, Axel, and Sarah got into the fun as Jaquez told them the story.

Have a good weekend!
~ Ms. Coomes

Teaching Strategies 18: Comprehends and responds to books and other texts

Snow Person Creations!

This week in Mrs.Brisley's small group the children got the opportunity to create their own snow person after being inspired by the story we read last week. On Tuesday they were given different collage materials and different size snowballs to make their snow person. After creating their person a picture was taken so they could recall what their creation looked like and glue it together on Thursday.

On Thursday the children received their pictures and the materials they had selected and began to glue together their snow people. 


It looks like my picture! Aya said excitedly when comparing her snow person to the one she created before.

Teaching Strategies Gold #12 Child remembers and connects experiences

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This week, the Pine Room received a new item to use for pretend play. This new cash register has became a very popular interest to all the children. Many children have approached the cash register with groceries, clothing, etc. from other parts of the room looking to get rung up. The children go through the steps that happen in your typical grocery store interaction. There is the new cash register, along with a calculator and money box, having the variety of things to use in this area encourages more children to join in on the fun. I am curious to see how this interaction develops over the next few weeks. 

"Do you want to pay for that? It will be $8."
- Axel

"You can pay your dollar." - Alex 

"I will buy this much stuff." - Evan

Teaching Strategies #12: Remembers and connects experiences.

Hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week!
- Ms. Roesch

Click! click! click!

 Today we had a busy day in our small group with Mrs. Potter.  During our time, Mrs. Potter gave each child a camera and they taught new teachers how to take pictures. The group told new teachers not to  click the red button because it is video and you can not take a picture when its on video. All the children were excited to teach the new teachers and to take pictures. Right away they started to take pictures. All the children took pictures in the hallway and the kitchen area.  Some took pictures of each other, some took pictures of toys, and others took pictures in the kitchen. All children had different interest areas. 

Teaching Strategies Gold #28 Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

Have a great night!
Mrs. Adhikari

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Musical Chairs!

Happy Tuesday! The children had another exciting day today and, in Pod B, a lively game of musical chairs made it complete! Mr. Jonaitis kept the music going and the children began the game with fourteen chairs and played until they ended with only one left! Toward the end they really had to problem solve to create new ways to fit on the few chairs that were left. The most utilized solution was to sit on each others' laps!

"Ty, you can sit on me!" - Alex

"Sumaya, come sit! The music stopped!" - Sanuthi

Four people fit on a chair in this round!

"We have six on one chair!" - Olivia K

Have a great rest of your week! 
Ms. Jones

Teaching Strategies #3 - Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations


Puzzles, Puzzles, and More Puzzles

Today some of the children put together puzzles. There were two large floor puzzles of a train and one of different dinosaurs. There were smaller puzzles that showed the process of getting dressed. Another puzzle had the process of a duckling hatching. A foam number puzzle was also included. The children worked in pairs or small groups to complete the puzzles.

To complete the number puzzle, P.J. and Micah counted out loud.

Aidan and Andrew worked together to find the colors that fit together.

Tommy and Danny completed to dinosaur puzzle together. 

Julie and Makenzie considering the order of how to get dressed.

Teaching Strategies Gold 
Mathematics #20a: Uses Number Concepts and Operations & #21a: Understands Spatial Relationships

Have a great night!

Ms. Dawson