Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To Infinity... And Beyond!

This morning in the pine room, multiple children collaborated on a group trip to space! We had a space doctor, a few astronauts and space chefs, a space construction worker, and a few space dogs. The children found various ways to incorporate their play into the overall space adventure theme and often had suggestions for one another on how to continue their efforts in new ways. One expansion was the inclusion of walkie-talkies so that everyone was able to communicate with one another, even from all the way across space!  

"Everyone gets sick. Even the people and animals on the moon." - Jamie

"Come in, Carter K. Can you hear me now?" - James

"We'll just have a quick space sleep and then go play some more." - Cooper

"We have to get back to the ship!" - AJ

Fingers crossed that this was the last of the snow for the season!
Miss Jones

Teaching Strategies Gold #11: Solves problems, shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

Experimenting With Ramps

Today in the Maple room children showed an interest in the new wooden ramps. Children decided to prop them up on one end so that the balls could roll down the tracks. Sometimes they put in one ball and other times they used multiple. After awhile children started adding wooden pieces to the end of the ramps so the balls could continue to roll on the tracks. Eventually, the track reached all the way across the room to the wall. They would adjust pieces to make the ball keep rolling on the tracks.

 The children joined Alex when he rolled the balls.

Danny and Andrew used ramps side by side.

 Andrew tested out the tracks. 

 Jamie placed wooden pieces at end of the ramp.

 Isabell helped adjust the pieces to fit together. 

Teaching Strategies Gold 
Cognitive # 11D Shows Curiosity and Motivation 

Have a great night! 
-Miss Dawson

Monday, March 30, 2015

Motivated Monday!

Today in the Oak Room's small group we made letters by using our bodies! First we wrote out the letter they wanted to make together. They planned how their bodies needed to look based on the different lines in the letter. Then together they got into positions on the floor. They were very proud of their work when they were all done and they worked very well together!
Pelumi- "We need someone in the middle to make the line"

"We need to curve our bodies" -Daniel

"We have to leave some space to make a C" - Carter K

"I want to be the straight line"- Axel

Looking forward to a great week!
Ms. McGowan

Teaching Strategies Gold: #15 Demonstrates phonological awareness.

How do you bowl?

Children were very busy playing a few games of bowling in the Hallway today. Children took turns knocking over the pins using the two bowling balls that were provided. Some children even laid on the floor and bowled that way, while others got really close in order to be sure they were able to knock the pins over. The rules were up to the children! They had fun making them.
TS Gold: Cognitive- 11a. Attends and engages   
It was a warm start to the week today let's hope the weather keeps up!
~Ms. Bradshaw  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Special Guests Drove in With Sirens!

Today was quite a busy day with our special guests coming to our school. Officer Wilkie came all the way from St. Johns to be with us, and Officer Martinez and other Central Michigan University Officers took time out of their day to be apart of ours. In the morning Officer Wilkie and Officer Martinez had a discussion with the students about the ways officers keep people safe. After our discussion the children were able to eat with the officers before they headed outside to explore the police cars!

Officer Martinez passes out sticker badges to all the children
Daniel poses to show is new badge!

During outside time the children were able to explore the police cars climbing in the seats. They were even able to hear the sirens and see the flashing lights!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Ms. Martin

TS Gold #11 Demonstrates Positive Approach to Learning
a. Attends and engages

Special Report: POLICE OFFICERS in the CDLL!

Today was a very exciting day for the students and staff at the CDLL! The children were delighted to talk with our special guests this morning! Officer Rico and Officer Wilkie joined the children this morning and discussed with us how police officers keep us safe. Daniel said, "They help us when we get hurt."  Officer Rico and Officer Wilkie also told us how they help people by making sure we're safe in our cars wearing our seat belts. The children also learned how Officer Rico and the other CMU police officers help the students here on campus. Pelumi commented that the police officers can help students if they fall down and scrape their knees. 

 During lunch the children were able to have lunch with the police officers! These boys were very excited to spend lunch with Officer Wilkie. We continued our conversations about police officers at lunch when Carter K said, "Look I also have a badge." We spent time looking at Officer Wilkie's uniform and the different patches on his shirt. 
The children were also able to explore the police cars! 

Officer Wilkie brought is car from St. Johns Police Department. Here is his blue police car. The children liked to see the different colors of the cars! 

 The Officers are telling the children about the cars before they open the doors! Daniel is climbing in the back seat! 

Kaden enjoyed sitting in the driver's seat of the car and turning on the lights! 

The children had a blast exploring the police vehicles! Marcilyn said, "Look I can be bucked in! Kaden said, "There's a computer in there." Other children oohed and ahhed over the lights and sirens! 

Overall, I think this was a very enjoyable day for the children, staff, and police officers who came to visit! 

Have A Great Weekend!

=Ms. Wilkie 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hard at Work!

During center time in the Maple room many children were hard at work at the work bench. The children were able to work with different material to glue onto tin cans to make their own robots. They had the option to take apart materials such as a phone or key board to use those materials on their robot or use the materials provided. They hammered, pulled apart and glued as they worked hard at the table. We are excited to see all the robots they create!
'I want to glue this to my robot' -Pelumi

'I am going to take apart this phone'- Carter K

'I am making this for you Ms. Still!'- Tony 

Have a great night and stay dry!
Ms. Still 

Teaching Strategies Gold: #28 Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

Rain Rain Go Away

The morning started off very cold and wet. All of the teachers talked about going outside, but decided that it was too cold and rainy for us to enjoy the outside area. Instead, children got to choose from some select areas. One of the choices they had was the indoor movement room. There were lots of children who chose to stay there and experiment on the rock climbing wall. 
"I'm the highest of all the climbers. I can see really far."-Owen 
"I feel like a monkey when I climb here." -Sarah 
"I'm reaching really long for this one." -Juli 

Even though we all had a lot of fun inside today, we hope that we can go outside again soon. 
~Ms. Slater

TSGold: Physical #6 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Game On!"

On this sunny Tuesday afternoon, the children explored the world of soccer! Running, jumping, passing, you name it, children demonstrated their gross motor and traveling skills. Smiles and laughs filled the air as the children scored and blocked goals. Experienced was gained in many areas including: teamwork, determination, and competitiveness. As they split up into teams they learned how to work together to achieve their final goal!


"Game On!"

"I wanna play soccer and run fast!"

"Kick it to me!"

What a wonderful experience it was for all of us,
 getting to watch your children discover new abilities!
Thank you!

-Miss White

TS Gold: Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

Get The Ball Moving Tuesday!

There was movement all over the school today. In The Maple Room, the children have a new wooden ball movement track. The children push the ball through the track. Some of the children in The Maple found that if they tilted the tracks, the wooden balls would move on their own by rolling downwards. The children also used marble ball movements on wooden marble trees. They drop the marble at the top of the tree and can watch the movement that winds around the tree. The marble and wood that clank together also make neat different pitched sounds! The marble trees are located in the hallway of the CDLL this week. The children also played with soccer balls and basketballs outside today. Sanuthi watched the movement of a basketball while it traveled through a hoop. The children played soccer at the end of the day today. They kicked the ball and watched it move across the field.

Jaime and Dominic moved the wooden ball with their hands down the track.
"We could put these two together." -Jaime

"Go at the same time." -Destiny

Sanuthi said, "watch!" as she shot a basket.

Teaching Strategies: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning. 11b. Persists

Have a great week!
-Ms. Gage

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dogs get their hair done too!

In place of the hair salon in the Pine Room there is now a dog grooming station.  A lot of children used this area.  Some were using the dogs as occupational dogs and some children had their dogs camping before bringing them to the groomers.  While at the groomers children used brushes, soap, and even some spray!

Owen said, "he needs a bath!"

Olivia K. said, "I need some soap."

Teaching Strategies 25: Demonstrates the knowledge of the characteristics of living things
Ms. Lauren Hoisington

An Indoor CAMPING Experience

Today, the children took part in all of the new editions to the Pine Classroom (Pretend Room). One of of those new editions included a camping site for the children. The children were ecstatic to see this new area and worked very well with each other participating in the tent and cooking on the grills. Some children quickly learned how to operate the grills and were excited to show their friends. The children cooked by the fire, made hot cocoa, and even brought their babies along from the house area of the Pine room to take part in this experience. 

Max: "Dominic, we need more hot chocolate." Dominic: "Here you go, but don't put it in your mouth forreal its pretend."
Destiny: "My babies need to sleep in here with me. Can they come in the tent with me?"
Dominic: "I need to cook the chicken. Almost done!"

Makenzie: "I'm going to cook dinner for everyone. If you need some lemonade let me know." 

Teaching Strategies:
#36. Explores drama through actions and language.

~Ms. Ratliff