Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To Infinity... And Beyond!

This morning in the pine room, multiple children collaborated on a group trip to space! We had a space doctor, a few astronauts and space chefs, a space construction worker, and a few space dogs. The children found various ways to incorporate their play into the overall space adventure theme and often had suggestions for one another on how to continue their efforts in new ways. One expansion was the inclusion of walkie-talkies so that everyone was able to communicate with one another, even from all the way across space!  

"Everyone gets sick. Even the people and animals on the moon." - Jamie

"Come in, Carter K. Can you hear me now?" - James

"We'll just have a quick space sleep and then go play some more." - Cooper

"We have to get back to the ship!" - AJ

Fingers crossed that this was the last of the snow for the season!
Miss Jones

Teaching Strategies Gold #11: Solves problems, shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

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