Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rub a Dub Dub!! Baby's in the Tub!

We sure did have a lot of babies in our tub! The children gathered in the 
Walnut room to help clean the baby dolls. As the babies soaked in the suds, 
the children scrubbed! The children cleaned bellies, toes, and heads, 
but were sure to avoid their eyes. While some children poured the water, others
covered the babies eyes. The babies not only received a bath, but also love and
 care from the children.  As children participated in the bath, they acted out 
real life situations. Many children made connections from their home lives 
and recalled their own bath time experiences. All throughout the day, children 
took on the role of caregivers as they gave their babies bathes.

"You get his feet P.J." -Sanuthi

"She don't like soap in her eyes!" -Makayla

"My baby was in the dirt for forever!" -Brooke

"He had a hard day. He played in the dirt for 20 minutes." -Olivia K. 

 "He got some sand in his mouth. That's why I'm putting water in 
his mouth. Now the sand's gone." -Tony

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