Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Experimenting With Ramps

Today in the Maple room children showed an interest in the new wooden ramps. Children decided to prop them up on one end so that the balls could roll down the tracks. Sometimes they put in one ball and other times they used multiple. After awhile children started adding wooden pieces to the end of the ramps so the balls could continue to roll on the tracks. Eventually, the track reached all the way across the room to the wall. They would adjust pieces to make the ball keep rolling on the tracks.

 The children joined Alex when he rolled the balls.

Danny and Andrew used ramps side by side.

 Andrew tested out the tracks. 

 Jamie placed wooden pieces at end of the ramp.

 Isabell helped adjust the pieces to fit together. 

Teaching Strategies Gold 
Cognitive # 11D Shows Curiosity and Motivation 

Have a great night! 
-Miss Dawson

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