Thursday, March 5, 2015

Busy Bustling Thursday! (:

BUSY last day before spring break (: The children were bustling with energy today and pajama day was a major success! Throughout this high energy day the children explored many different areas!
Ms. Weller's Nature Group explored a parachute during small group today! Kaden said, "It's like a tent!" The children really enjoyed shaking the parachute and popping the ball off the top! 

The pottery wheel was also open for exploration today! Ty and Tony said, "We're making a mountains! Ty then added, "Mine's spinning really fast!" 

Also in the Oak Room today Zin and Jaquez demonstrate how to paint with different vehicles with wheels.  Jaquez then asked Zin, "Can we race?"

I hope you all enjoy your Spring Break! (: Enjoy the Sunshine where ever you may be! 

TS Gold
The Arts; Exploring the Visual Arts
Physical; Demonstrates Gross-Motor Manipulative Skills 

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