Monday, March 23, 2015

An Indoor CAMPING Experience

Today, the children took part in all of the new editions to the Pine Classroom (Pretend Room). One of of those new editions included a camping site for the children. The children were ecstatic to see this new area and worked very well with each other participating in the tent and cooking on the grills. Some children quickly learned how to operate the grills and were excited to show their friends. The children cooked by the fire, made hot cocoa, and even brought their babies along from the house area of the Pine room to take part in this experience. 

Max: "Dominic, we need more hot chocolate." Dominic: "Here you go, but don't put it in your mouth forreal its pretend."
Destiny: "My babies need to sleep in here with me. Can they come in the tent with me?"
Dominic: "I need to cook the chicken. Almost done!"

Makenzie: "I'm going to cook dinner for everyone. If you need some lemonade let me know." 

Teaching Strategies:
#36. Explores drama through actions and language.

~Ms. Ratliff

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