Thursday, February 26, 2015

Walking Walking Walking

Today Pod A went on a walk outside.  We walked to the Dow building and went through the "tunnel."  We stopped to look at the pictures on the wall.  "That is a picture of space," said Carter M. "We have to make sure there are no cars coming," said Daniel

Have a good weekend!
Ms. Coomes
Teaching Strategies #4 Demonstrates Traveling Skills

Body Letters!

Today Mrs.Brisley's small group wondered what were different ways they could create letters. We can draw them or paint them! said Aya. We can also write them down or make them out of clay, Tony explained. After the topic was discussed the idea of creating letters with their bodies was introduced. Children got the opportunity to recall letters they were familiar with to individually or collaboratively create them using their bodies.

You can be the long part of the B and Aya and I can scrunch and be the other parts of the B. - Brooke

Although not all children were creating letters at the same time, they all had the chance to suggest other body movements to create the letters by observing their classmates.

Maybe if Makayla moved her feet closer to David's and stretches her hands it can look more like the letter M. - Annabella

Teaching Strategies Gold:
Objective 6: Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills 
Objective 11: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Exploring Creative Art in Paper Plates!

Today during our small group, children explored visual arts using different types of materials in paper plates. The teacher provided materials such as paper plates, markers, puff balls, different sizes of papers cutting shapes, eyes balls, and glues. Children used the materials to create a variety of things using their own ideas. Children glued pieces of materials in paper plates and displayed their creativity. They made different things such as flowers, alien, monster, and so on. 

 Teaching Strategies Gold Objective #33 Explores the visual arts

Mrs. Adhikari

Glow In The Dark Fun

You got to take the flashlight away - Ty
1, 2, 3! - Marcilyn and Destiny
The Studio of Light went from having neon paint that would be fluorescent under the black light to having glow in the dark silhouettes. The children enjoyed this new addition. The children would place any of the objects that were available to them onto the glow in the dark painted wood. Once the children decided what they wanted to do they would shine their flashlight. The light would then "activate" the glow in the dark so as the children took away the light the glow in the dark would appear. Where the objects were placed children were then able to see the silhouettes from them. Although the room was dark the children were still able to enjoy this experience. Hopefully new objects will be added based on the children's interest to get more traffic into our Studio of Light! We are excited to see how this new activity will spark interest in the Studio of Light.

Let's put all the matching things together - Marcilyn

Teaching Strategies #28: Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

Happy Wednesday! 
Ms. Roesch

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Exploring EHS!

Today during lunchtime some of the children had an opportunity to walk around the EHS building to look at the new artwork hanging in the gallery and to search for letters and numbers that they recognized!

"It looks bumpy." - Sarah
"The sun is over here 'cause the trees are brighter than the stream." - William
"It's nighttime; water gets dark at night." - Sarah
"We're as tall as this building!" - Alex
"I can see the little crane!" - William

"We're on floor three but this looks like the same place as two." - Alex
"Different people though." - Brooke

"I need a little rest after those stairs!" - Sarah
"Hey! That's Andrew's Grandma!" - William

"We were just way up there? Woah." - Alex

Everyone said that they had lots of fun but hopefully we'll still be able to go back outside soon!
Have a great week!
Miss Jones

Teaching Strategies Gold #33: Appreciates visual arts, communicates what is seen

Ready! Set! Action!

This morning in the Oak room the stage was getting a lot of use. The children used the area in various ways. Some acted, others sang, and a few told stories with props. 

 Savanna and Daniel pretended to be puppies. 

 Luke sang the Abc's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and some other songs he made up. 
"It's a spooky dark cave....Rarrr! Spooky cave"

 Sumaya retold the story of The Three Little Pigs. 
"The big bad wolf! I'll huff and I'll puff."

Olivia had a teacher read her The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. After, Olivia used some puppets to act out the characters in both stories. 

Teaching Strategies Gold 
#36 Explores drama through actions and language 

Stay warm! 
Miss Dawson 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Masks are great for Storytelling!

The Oak room has a new community project this week..Masks! This project is for the children to make masks that the whole school will be able to use either for acting out a story they have come up with on their own or acting out a familiar story they have heard before on the stage. Their are many different materials the children can use to decorate their masks, from felt pieces to buttons. Children were very interested in our community project today!

While painting her mask pink Olivia K. said, "This one is a Valentine's day mask, I'm going to glue marshmallows on it."

 "The blue mask is a snowy one. Their is brown snow too, so I'm making brown eyes."- Olivia K.

"Ta-da!" "Tiny buttons everywhere!"- Dominic

Teaching Strategies: The Arts 

I hope it warms up soon to enjoy the outdoors at lunch! Have a snuggly night.
~Ms. Bradshaw


Today in the Oak room children acted out the story "The Three Little Pigs" on our stage. We had different props for the children to act out the pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. While different teachers read the story out loud the children would act out the different parts. Sometimes our stage area doesn't get used as much as we would hope... By laying out the different props and stories it seemed to be a big hit and was an interest for many children today! I must say there was some excellent performances this watch out Hollywood!
 Nikayla, Savanna, and Jamie spent a lot of time on the stage this morning. Nikayla played the part of the Big Bad Wolf and Savanna and Jamie played the Little Pigs.
"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down" - Nikayla 

It was a very busy Monday! Looking forward to a great week ahead!
- Ms. McGowan

Teaching Strategies Gold: The Arts #36 Explores drama through action and language.

Friday, February 20, 2015

It was a DINO Day! (:

During the cold winter Thursday, Daniel sat down with a dinosaur book and decided to make his own. He was observing the size of the dinosaur and the teeth, pointy toes, large legs, and arms. He then would sketch his own dinosaur and created his own dino book!

"This dinosaur is big!" 

Daniel said, "Look at his pointy toes!" 

Stay Warm and Have A Great Weekend! 

T.S Gold Physical Fine Motor 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Field Trip Through the EHS Building!

Today the Heath Group went on a literacy walk through the EHS build. The students broke up into two groups and searched for letters. My half of the group did a name scavenger hunt to find all the letters in their names. The children were able to get their bodies moving as we walked up and down to the different floors of the build. As we came to one poster Jaquez said, "I found all the letters in my name!" Christopher added, "I'm missing an R."

After the scavenger hunt the children came together to see the tree that had been decorated with the children's snowflake community project.


Teaching Strategies Gold #16 Demonstrates Knowledge of the Alphabet

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Today during large group time in the Oak Room, Miss Still read the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The children were able to see the letters climb the coconut tree only to come quickly crashing down. The children were also able to practice their alphabet once the story was over. The tree was then set out during center time for the children to play with. Many children quickly started spelling their names and reenacting the story. It was fun to hear all the different stories they told from the book!

"I am going to write my name!" -Dakoda 

"Mmm these leaves taste good for my hippo!"- Casey

"Lets climb to the top of the coconut tree!"- Violet

The children spent there chilly day finding activities indoors including acting out the story of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Miss Still

Teaching Strategies #18 Comprehends and responds to books and other texts 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Burrrrrrr!! It's So Cold Outside!

The temperatures are very frigid outside. It has been way to cold for the children to go out to play and run around. We have been planning some new and interesting activities for the children to do inside instead. Today, in the Pine and Maple room, the teachers had planned a scavenger hunt for the whole pod. The children were able to choose if the wanted to participate in the scavenger hunt or play in the hallway. The majority of the children chose to join our teams and search for all of the clues. We split the children into four different colored teams and we went on our way.
We all gathered close and listened to the clues. Kallix said, "I know, I know where we walk the dogs, it must be in the park!"
We were all very hard at work figuring out the clues and finding the numbers. After we found all 15, we sat down and talked about what happened. Kallix, Isabell, William, and Marcilyn all wanted to do another scavenger hunt in the future. They talked about how they wanted to change it and for there to be treasure at the end, "And maybe even candy," Marcilyn added.

Today was a very exciting and fun day even though we did not get to go outside.

Sincerely, Ms. Slater

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tasty Tuesday!

What an incredibly imaginative day it was for us in the Pine room! How exciting it was to see each other, play with one another, and work together. Many children were drawn to the Pretend room, for what you may wonder? To cook! The kitchen and restaurant areas brought in a lot of traffic in both the morning and afternoon. Eggs, smoothies, macaroni, you name it, it was made here in Pine. As the children discovered their culinary talents, the rest of us enjoyed the delicious treats. You would have never guessed they were plastic!

"Are you hungry sister? It's a smoothie!"
"There are 1,2,3...12 bananas."

"I'm making macaroni and pizza."

"This food is going to be really yummy."

TS Gold: 14B Engages in sociodramatic play 
                  2C Interacts with peers

Tubular Tuesday!

Tubular Tuesday!

Today the children got creative with long plastic tubes in the Maple room.The Maple room is also known as the construction room. The children are given different types of materials to build with as well as many different kinds of blocks. Some examples of these materials could be the metal cans or plastic items, such as the tubes. After the children started to play with each other, they used the tubes to talk through. Some of the other children were walking around the classroom connected by the tubes, while others used them to build. 

"Can you hear me?" -William & Kallix

TS GOLD: Cognitive 11e: Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking.

Have a great week!
-Ms. Gage

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ice Rainbows

In the Walnut classroom the children explore art in a new form. After teachers scaffold the idea of ice painting they found that the children became bored after a while with just ice and paint running off the sides. So, they began to think of ways to keep the colors actually inside the ice block. Then the idea unfolded and the experience became a great opportunity for the children. With the use of ice blocks, water colors, and salt, the children are able to create an amazing color structure through everyday materials. The children placed salt rocks onto the block of ice and using droppers added color through the holes formed.They began to conclude what makes the color absorb into the rock and how mixing certain colors created another color in the ice. "The salt is melting the ice," said Destiny. "Look, the colors are mixing," said Leah. "See when red and yellow mix, its orange," said Alexis. 

T.S. Gold: #7.Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination. #33.Explore the visual arts.

Stained Glass Community Project

Today, in the Oak room, we started a new community project.  We are making stained glass to hang in the windows throughout the CDLL.  We had a few children come check it out today and can't wait for their projects to be displayed.  The project consists of children putting tape on a piece of transparency and painting over it.  When the paint dries the staff removes the tape which gives it the stained glass effect.


Axel: I'm going to make a giraffe with mine.

Jude: Now I need this color.

Daniel: This looks like a ladder.

Marcilyn: I'm doing mine in a straight line.

Ms. Hoisington

Teaching Strategies 7: Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination