Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Glow In The Dark Fun

You got to take the flashlight away - Ty
1, 2, 3! - Marcilyn and Destiny
The Studio of Light went from having neon paint that would be fluorescent under the black light to having glow in the dark silhouettes. The children enjoyed this new addition. The children would place any of the objects that were available to them onto the glow in the dark painted wood. Once the children decided what they wanted to do they would shine their flashlight. The light would then "activate" the glow in the dark so as the children took away the light the glow in the dark would appear. Where the objects were placed children were then able to see the silhouettes from them. Although the room was dark the children were still able to enjoy this experience. Hopefully new objects will be added based on the children's interest to get more traffic into our Studio of Light! We are excited to see how this new activity will spark interest in the Studio of Light.

Let's put all the matching things together - Marcilyn

Teaching Strategies #28: Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

Happy Wednesday! 
Ms. Roesch

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