Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Exploring EHS!

Today during lunchtime some of the children had an opportunity to walk around the EHS building to look at the new artwork hanging in the gallery and to search for letters and numbers that they recognized!

"It looks bumpy." - Sarah
"The sun is over here 'cause the trees are brighter than the stream." - William
"It's nighttime; water gets dark at night." - Sarah
"We're as tall as this building!" - Alex
"I can see the little crane!" - William

"We're on floor three but this looks like the same place as two." - Alex
"Different people though." - Brooke

"I need a little rest after those stairs!" - Sarah
"Hey! That's Andrew's Grandma!" - William

"We were just way up there? Woah." - Alex

Everyone said that they had lots of fun but hopefully we'll still be able to go back outside soon!
Have a great week!
Miss Jones

Teaching Strategies Gold #33: Appreciates visual arts, communicates what is seen

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