Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday March 28, 2013

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today we were fortunate with very warm weather which the children enjoyed being outside being able to go outside again at the end of the day.

"We need more dry dirt!" -Sidney G.

In the Maple room children looked over past pictures of structures and ramps and recreated it with others in the classroom.

"I'm gonna make this ramp again, I really liked it!" -Mitchell

"Oh, it fell.. but that's okay we can build it again." -Mark

"The car can go down this ramp!" -Vance

In the hallway children discovered different types of instruments where they pretend to have a parade as well as making up different songs with the bells and drums.

"It is called a cowbell because the instrument is shaped like it's horns see?" -Lysander

Have a wonderful weekend and remember Monday and Tuesday are the only days the children come to the CDLL!

Ms. Owens & Ms. Youngblom

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wacky Wednesday!!!

Today the children loved the sun!! We got to go outside twice today and the children got to run around!

In the Walnut Room the children enjoyed playing with the clean mud and also exploring with the water wall.

In the Oak Room the children played with colored shaving cream and worked on 3D structures and painting the structures 

In the Maple Room the buses were a big hit and the Lion King was very popular and even recreated!

In the Pine Room camping was very popular in addition to dressing up and playing with the babies. The children also worked on their car in the car shop.

Ms. Smith & Ms. Schmunk

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday March 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Today was our field trip to the Discovery Museum.  All the CDLL children, teachers, and families had a great time during our three hours there.  We're going to let the following pictures show you what our trip was all about.

When we returned from the field trip, we enjoyed a nice rest time and had very short centers before going outside for the rest of the afternoon.  Many children played hide and seek as well as tag with their teachers.

-Ms. Baer and Ms. Goodman

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
Today was a busy day back at school!

In the Walnut Room, the children experimented with clean mud in the sensory tables. They also created mabel tracks.

In the Oak Room, the children had a blast playing with the shaving cream. They also created jewelry and experimented with the sponge paint.

In the Maple Room, the children built train tracks for the colorful trains, and played with the clear plastic shapes on the light table.

In the Pine Room, the children played with the cardboard car, went camping and played with the babies!

In the hallway, the children played with the black light creating pictures in the dark.

Outside the children were busy playing with ice, going down the slides and riding bikes.

Reminder- tomorrow is the field trip to the Discovery Museum. We are going to be leaving at 9:15 AM.

~Ms.Hayes and Ms. Kowalski

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hi Families and Friends!

Today at school we had a lot going on! In the kitchen some CMU students came in and showed the children how to make play-doh out of oatmeal. 

In the indoor movement room the children did yoga in the morning and did gymnastics tumbling in the afternoon!

The hallway was a busy place too! Under the black light the children liked to look at their glowing clothes and at all of the highlighter drawings that they have done. 
"Look, my shirts glowing" -Remy

They also had a traveling band in the hallway today!

In the Walnut room the kids used the rulers to make shapes and to draw straight lines on their papers.They had to tape pieces of paper together so the whole rule would fit on the page.

Also in the Walnut room the water wall and the wall with ramps and balls was very popular! They loved making new paths for the balls and water to travel down, to see if the path would work or not. 

 We hope everyone has a great weekend!
Ms. Haggerty and Ms. Tierney

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday March 20, 2013

Happy first day of Spring!

In the Walnut room, the children were having a lot of fun with the piano and watching for the vibrations.

In the Oak room, the pottery wheel was open and they were making rockets with wood.

In the Maple room, the children were very busy sawing at the wood at the woodworking table.

In the Pine room, we had some children that were going to a ball with their baby boys.

In the hallway, the children were working with highlighters and black lights.

Ms. Rasmussen & Ms. Bonner

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

We had a fun filled day today at school! :)

This morning, in the Kitchen children were busy practicing cracking eggs and making mini omelettes! 

The Indoor Movement Room was filled with children playing balloon volleyball!

The hallway was filled with playing instruments, get well card making, and drawing pictures in the black light hallway!


In the Walnut room there was a light activity where the children saw the different vibrations from the sounds that were coming from the piano. 

                      “It looks like waves from the ocean.”               “It’s making the vibrations because it’s louder.”                              Tristan                                              Nicholas

In the Oak Room, children were super busy with the shaving cream & drawing portraits of themselves.


'I have blue eyes, and these dots along my nose are freckles!" - Sidney N

Talia, William and Kelly were also dancing to ballet music!

 "Watch me leap like a ballerina!" - Talia 

Wood working and building different kinds of towers is still popular in the Maple room! 

In the afternoon, the children in the Pine room were playing charades! The children came up with their own ideas and drew the different kinds of pictures that they were acting out!

We hope your day was just as fun as ours!
Stay warm! :) 

Miss. Parrott & Miss. Youngbloom 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday everyone!  Welcome back, we hope everyone had fun this weekend!

In Walnut today we added grass and bugs into the dry sensory table.  We also added a piano, speaker and water to make sound waves so the children could see what the sound waves looked like.

In Oak today we added a lot of new materials.  Sponge paint was added, colored shaving cream was added, silly putty was moved to the light table and we moved some of the tables and materials around for the children.

In Maple today we added saws for the children to saw wood.  They also built structures on the risers with wooden blocks and animals.

In Pine the children worked on camping and playing in the baby area.

The children also painted and built bird houses in the kitchen, and outside worked on breaking the ice over the sand box!

Reminder: Next Tuesday is our field trip, don't forget to sign up for a lunch if you plan on coming with your child!

-Ms. Smith & Ms. Bartek