Monday, September 30, 2013

What a good monday!

Hello parents! Today in Pod A we had a lot of fun with some newer and older items in our center areas. We added some color dust to the shaving cream and the children enjoyed making the white cream turn a different color. We added dress up items to the stage area and they enjoyed putting on dresses and suit jackets while dancing and singing to the music.

The children got to make jewelry for our two dress up areas; in the pine classroom and the oak classroom. They made some necklaces today and we will be adding them to those two areas soon. The children enjoyed creating the necklaces for their school.

Today, Mrs. Bristley introduced water color to a few students. She will be having appointments all this week showing children how to work and create with water color. The children were able to make a painting during their appointment.

Outside today, the graduate student came and she put some pictures up outside of different animals and other items the children might find outdoors. She then gave them fly swatters to point out what picture she was describing to them. I added a video!

Rebecca Jone-Pod A

What a beautiful Monday!

The children were eager to begin another week here at the CDLL! Today started out a bit foggy but by mid morning the sun was peeking out from behind some clouds. The teachers made the decision to open up the outdoors for afternoon center time. Both pods enjoyed the extra outdoor time.
Mr. Jonaitis decided to bring out some camp chairs and have a campfire. The children used some cones for the flames.
Many children grabbed sticks to roast their marshmallows on.
There was also a tent set up next to the campfire! Many gathered in the tent with their friends.
The sandbox was also a busy place to be. Tons of mud pies were made and sold there today. The cost for each pie was $15!
Some of the children chose to stay inside during the afternoon center time. The Pine and Walnut room had remained open. The children in the pine room enjoyed a puppet show. You could hear their giggles throughout the entire building!
Teaching Strategies
Social Emotional #3
Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pod B says Goodbye Fog, Hello Sunshine!

Although this morning started off in quite a bit of a "haze", Pod B was still up and rockin'! Morning centers brought the sounds of joyous music to the Pine room as many children got their groove on to songs like YMCA, Shout!, and I like to move it, move it. Some were lookin' fancy for this fabulous dance party wearing the dress up clothes. It was a blast!

The day turned out to be so nice that in the afternoon we closed down the Maple room and had center time outdoors!

The sandbox was full of sandcastle makers and cake bakers. We even had some making "sand babies" and pretending to be the mommies and daddies, it was great! 

As always, the bikes and scooters were a huge hit with the children. Today they were used to transport different types of balls and some were even pretending to be a taxi service!

Over in the amphitheater, many children gathered to play a rousing game of hide and go seek! Children took turns with teachers counting and hiding, they had a lot of fun hiding among the brush!

You all start counting and I'll go hide!

"We found her YAY!!"

- Ms. Squiers 

A wounderful Warm Day

Today in the Walnut room we had some color mixing going on, the children were given two colors, today it was blue and yellow and they went about finding all the different colors they could make in many different shades

In the indoor movement room there was some balloon volley ball for the children to play. The children ran around hitting to pass and trying to hit the ball over the net.

Later in the afternoon because it was such a nice day two of the rooms, the Oak and the Maple room were closed and the children had the opportunity to go outside an enjoy the warm weather as the fall comes.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday!

It was a wonderful Wednesday in Pod B! We were able to enjoy lunch today outside at a picnic! The students, and teachers as well, enjoyed gathering for great food in today's great weather!
In the Maple room children were busy at work constructing all types of projects. Ameir and Essays worked hard on constructing a fire station for the fire trucks to stay inside of!

Also several children worked together during center time to construct a large train track for their trains. 

In the pine room the children have continued to enjoy the diner area! They engage in dramatic play and take on several roles such as chef, waitress and customer! Here Elizabeth is preparing a pizza for a group of her fellow student customers. 

Ms. Stark

Beautiful Wednesday for Pod A!

Today we went on a picnic for lunch because it was so beautiful outside! Pod A went to the Zen garden and Pod B went across the street under the maple tree. 

The finger painting was very popular today, the children were able to explore using different tools and scrapers with the paint. 

The children also got to enjoy another activity with the graduate student outside! 

Today in the Walnut room we once again did mixing colors with the children. This time they got to experience mixing yellow and red which to their surprise made orange! 

-Ms. Lemmen 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Busy in Pod B!

Today was a busy day in Pod B! In the Maple room, the trains were a big hit! The children connected a long strand of trains together and drove them around the whole room. The magnet tiles were once again very popular. The children continued to make fire stations out of them.

In the Pine classroom, children were very interested in the babies and the dogs in the park. Another busy area was the restaurant. The children pretended to be waitresses/waiters and take orders from the teachers and children who were sitting at the counter.
The hallway was another busy area of the school. Many of the children participated in musical activities and even got familiar with how the mailbox system worked!

Jenna Asaro
Teaching Strategy: Cognitive #11 Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

Another Day, Another Adventure

Today in Pod A the children continued to discover the new art forms in the Oak Room!  The children were able to use glitter glue to make their collages.  They continued to explore the new texture of the shaving cream and some of the children even wanted to feel it on their faces!

In the Walnut room the children continued to discover the magic of mixing different colors to create new colors.  They started with just the two colors of red and blue today and then were able to create many different shades and colors.  

This afternoon in the Oak Room the children put on a show! The music played and the children danced all around the stage.  They asked the teachers to help them close and open the curtains at the beginning of the show and they even had a starting position!  Some of the other children pretended to be the teacher and mimicked what they saw this morning in their large group. 

Teaching Strategies Objectives for Development and Learning: Physical 6
Demonstrates gross motor manipulation skills 

-Ms. Petruska 


Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun with Shaving Cream!

Today in Pod A we had lot's fun playing with shaving cream and glitter glue in the Oak room today. The children enjoyed exploring with the shaving cream, they had it all over their hands and some even put some on their face.

 The glitter glue was a hit today! The children liked how colorful it was and enjoyed making art with it. I'm sure some of you will be seeing some glitter art come home this week.

This afternoon in the Walnut room the children enjoyed mixing the different water colors together. The two colors we had today was blue and red, they loved seeing that when you mix the two together it made a new color...Purple! We also added flash lights and prisms to the Walnut room and they discovered what happens when the light hit the prisms.
"Look, it looks like the sun"

Another Exciting Monday!

The children were busy in Pod B today. The Maple room had some new table toys to explore. The most exciting toy was a block with nails in various spots. They were manipulating the rubber bands against the nails to make different designs.
The children in the Pine Room were interested in playing with the babies in the nursery. They talked about basic care needs like feeding, diapering, and changing clothes.  

Outside the children engaged in a game about animals. They were asked what the animal was, what its habitat was like, and what other animals might live there with it.

It was a very exciting day in Pod B!
-Ms. Chludil
Teaching Strategies Gold
Science and Technology #25
Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things