Thursday, September 12, 2013

All Smiles Today!

Today was a fun filled adventure for Pod B! First of all, it was picture day! Luckily, everyone remembered to bring their smiles to school! They all posed individually for the photographer and then all together on the playground! The photographer had the children try and guess the number of fingers he had up behind his back.

Then in the pine room children continued to use their imaginations!  Some of the children got all dressed up in really fancy dresses to have a tea party! And other children ordered speciality pizzas in the restaurant.

For small group today we took a nice walk around campus.  It was beautiful outside and the children loved seeing all the different parts of nature.  Some of the children even brought back some treasures that will be displayed in the Walnut room! They also had some time to climb, jump off, and even lay on the rocks near Anspach! 

In the Maple room at the end of the day the children worked with puzzles and table toys.  The children were so excited and proud when they were able to complete a puzzle all by themselves!

Teaching Strategies: Physical #4 (Demonstrates traveling skills)

-Ms. Petruska

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