Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pod B says Goodbye Fog, Hello Sunshine!

Although this morning started off in quite a bit of a "haze", Pod B was still up and rockin'! Morning centers brought the sounds of joyous music to the Pine room as many children got their groove on to songs like YMCA, Shout!, and I like to move it, move it. Some were lookin' fancy for this fabulous dance party wearing the dress up clothes. It was a blast!

The day turned out to be so nice that in the afternoon we closed down the Maple room and had center time outdoors!

The sandbox was full of sandcastle makers and cake bakers. We even had some making "sand babies" and pretending to be the mommies and daddies, it was great! 

As always, the bikes and scooters were a huge hit with the children. Today they were used to transport different types of balls and some were even pretending to be a taxi service!

Over in the amphitheater, many children gathered to play a rousing game of hide and go seek! Children took turns with teachers counting and hiding, they had a lot of fun hiding among the brush!

You all start counting and I'll go hide!

"We found her YAY!!"

- Ms. Squiers 

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