Monday, September 30, 2013

What a beautiful Monday!

The children were eager to begin another week here at the CDLL! Today started out a bit foggy but by mid morning the sun was peeking out from behind some clouds. The teachers made the decision to open up the outdoors for afternoon center time. Both pods enjoyed the extra outdoor time.
Mr. Jonaitis decided to bring out some camp chairs and have a campfire. The children used some cones for the flames.
Many children grabbed sticks to roast their marshmallows on.
There was also a tent set up next to the campfire! Many gathered in the tent with their friends.
The sandbox was also a busy place to be. Tons of mud pies were made and sold there today. The cost for each pie was $15!
Some of the children chose to stay inside during the afternoon center time. The Pine and Walnut room had remained open. The children in the pine room enjoyed a puppet show. You could hear their giggles throughout the entire building!
Teaching Strategies
Social Emotional #3
Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations


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