Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Rain Didn't Bring Us Down in Pod A!

 Today in the Walunt room, the children were very busy! Drawing in the light room was a popular activity all day long. Many children were experimenting with Legos and water at the wet sensory table. Also, the color mixing table continued to be a big hit for all of the children.

The Oak Room was also very busy today! The children were painting and glaceing so often that all of the drying racks were full at the end of the day!  The Ipads were also occupied all day long. The children had the opportunity to take a photo of themselves then draw a self-portrait based off of that photo. The stage was also a very popular area in the morning!

Because of the rain, all of the children had to wear rain boots and rain pants outside. They discovered that they could go down the slide faster than any other day because of their rain pants! The slide was busy all morning long!

- Ms. Wilson Pod A

Teaching Strategies / Objectives for Development & Learning.
Social - Emotional Objective #3 : Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations.

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