Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Rainy Start to an Industrious Day!

Today in the Pod B classrooms we had a variety of play going on! In the Pine Classroom children engaged in large group play with the diner area. The students worked cooperatively in a large group setting and engaged in imaginary play. The room was full of children and everyone seemed to have energy!

In the Maple room construction was taking place in smaller groups or pairs of students. We had many students working independently as well. Students were working on making a house on the Lego table, adding people and rooms to house the people! We also had children making a fire station out of the magna-tiles. This fire station housed many of the rooms firetrucks and was a hit with the children!

Teaching Strategies Objectives for Development and Learning: Physical 7. Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination.

Ms. Pocsi

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