Monday, September 9, 2013

What a Fun Filled Monday!

Upon arriving today the children were able to plan a room that they wanted to begin their day in. This was different than last week because they were now able to discover the whole CDLL rather than stay in their home classroom. The children were very eager to make their choice and begin exploring the room they chose.
Today was a busy Monday in Pod A with lots of fun activities for the children to engage in. In the Walnut room children spent time exploring  the corn in the sensory tables. Some of the children moved it from hand to hand while others used sorting trays to sort the different types of corn that was found.

In the Oak room children spent time at the texture table manipulating play-doh. Some of the children used rolling pins and plastic knives to roll and cut the play-doh. They also used cookie cutters to create different shapes and objects. Many of the children discussed how slimy the play-doh was and how it stuck to everything!

Teaching Strategies Social Emotional #3

(Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations)

-Ms. Chludil

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