Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Busy Monday in Pod A!

Children were encouraged to join Ms. Weller in the indoor movement room today. She had some clay available for them to engage in full body exploration. The children were excited to explore the clay with their bodies rather than just their hands. When they were finished working with the clay they put their arms and legs in soapy water to clean them off. Sophie said, "the clay was fun it felt like bricks!"

The children in the Oak room enjoyed playing with the floam at the texture table. Some of the children remembered floam from last year but many were new to it. Josh said, "Floam is a bunch of little balls all hooked to each other."

The children in the Walnut room enjoyed the legos that were added to the water in the sensory table. They built the legos into various structures and used cups to pour water over the legos. 

Teaching Strategies Cognitive #11
(Demonstrates positive approaches to learning)

-Ms. Chludil

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