Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun with Shaving Cream!

Today in Pod A we had lot's fun playing with shaving cream and glitter glue in the Oak room today. The children enjoyed exploring with the shaving cream, they had it all over their hands and some even put some on their face.

 The glitter glue was a hit today! The children liked how colorful it was and enjoyed making art with it. I'm sure some of you will be seeing some glitter art come home this week.

This afternoon in the Walnut room the children enjoyed mixing the different water colors together. The two colors we had today was blue and red, they loved seeing that when you mix the two together it made a new color...Purple! We also added flash lights and prisms to the Walnut room and they discovered what happens when the light hit the prisms.
"Look, it looks like the sun"

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