Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another creative day here in Pod A!

Pod A has had a lot of action this week! This afternoon there was a fire drill where the children and teachers practiced quick and safe emergency procedures for exiting the building. We gathered in the courtyard across the street for attendance.
The Walnut room has been quite a hit with all of the new centers for the children to explore. A big hit today was the color mixing center where children were able to discover ways to make different colors using test tubes, pipettes and colored water! 

 I made a purple potion

When I mixed all the colors it turns black

If you put lots of red and little yellow it made pink

I'm going to mix all kind of colors!

I made blueberry grape juice

In the Oak room today children were able to explore a new material at the texture table, FLOAM! The art cart was brought outside for children to use during outdoor play. Creating art under the sun was both entertaining and lively!

Teaching Strategies Social/Emotional objective 3; Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations
- Ms. Squiers Pod A

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