Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sandy Toes!

Today many children used the sand area outside. They used shovels to dig holes and bury their legs and feet.  The children commented on how the sand felt on their bare feet.  Some children pretended to make food with the different tins and bowls. A few worms were found during their explorations!

"It tickles my toes!"
Tony- "We're digging a tunnel." 
Aidan- "I need a shovel." 

They covered their feet with sand in the hole they made.

Ethan spent some time filling up a truck with sand. 

Makayla- "I'm making a cake with candles!"

Destiny found a worm while digging. 

Destiny and Brooke built the worm a home in the dirt. 

Teaching Strategies Gold 
#27 - Demonstrates knowledge of the Earth's environment 

Have a great break! 
Miss Dawson

Field Day!

To bring this semester to a close the student teachers decided it would be fun to have a field day on our last day! The outside center was opened up after nap where the children got to enjoy the beautiful weather and had snack outside for the first time this semester. The zen garden was opened up to play soccer and other areas in the playground had activities for the children. 

Carter M., Daniel, Olivia L., Kaden, Carter K., and William chasing after the ball!

Serenity and Daniel

Ty said, "I'm the goalie!"
Aidan said, "I can protect the goal!"

Jace said, "Watch this!"
Sarah, Isabell, and Destiny

Hope you all enjoyed this semester as much as we have!
Ms. Martin

Monday, April 27, 2015

Shake! Shake! Shake!

Today in Mrs. Nims small group we made maracas! We made maracas to go along with our song book we have been working on for the past few weeks. When the children sing the different songs they put in their song book, they now have their own instrument to shake to the beat. We used a plastic egg, beads, two plastic spoons, and tape. The children poured beads into the plastic egg. Then placed the two spoons on each side of the egg and taped around the spoon and egg. They then used markers to decorate the tape.
"It sounds like there is little balls inside of the egg!"- Axel

"Now we can shake these when we sing songs on the rug" - Pelumi

"I'm going to decorate mine green." - Daniel

The final product!

Really sad today was my last day with the children! They have taught me so much and I am so thankful that I got to work with these smart and loving children! It was a great semester and I wish the children and their families the absolute best!

Ms. McGowan
Teaching Strategies Gold #34: Explores musical concepts and expression.

Have you tried Chinese Almond Cookies?

Today, the Health Group had a special guest come in and help make Chinese Almond Cookies with us. The children not only got to see each ingredient that went into the cookies but was also able to put each ingredient in to make the dough for the cookies. The children enjoyed making the cookies and everyone stepped up to help in various ways. This was our conclusion to learning about China and the people who live there. 

"Can we eat them?"

"My grandma has one of these" (Talking about the mixer)

"Is the a real egg?'

"It smells good!"

"Looks like playdough!"

TSGold- Shows basic understanding of people and how they live
I enjoyed my last day with the children. This will be an experience to remember. Have a relaxing break before the summer semester. Thank You! 
~Ms. Bradshaw

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Raining Ice!

Thanks to this very interesting weather, the children experienced the Earth's environment in a new way. As the children noticed the weather had changed, Ms. Weller went outside with a basket. The children watched outside the window as the basket filled with hail. Children made various observations as they watched the environment change. When Ms. Weller brought the basket of hail back into the classroom, the children analyzed this new material. They held the pieces in their hands and watched as the ice turned to water. 

"It's melting!"

"It's Raining Ice!"

"It turned into water."

See you next week!
-Ms. White

TS Gold: 27 Demonstrates knowledge of the Earth's environment

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Tuesday With Worms

This week in the Walnut room, the children explored dirt with live worms in a sensory table. A book was provided to learn about the worms as well as the children observing them with their hands. It was a popular area with many different opinions from the children. Olivia K said, "I'm going to tell my mom all about this day."

"I saw these outside." -P.J.

"Can somebody help me sort out my worms?" -Olivia K.
"By biggest to littlest." -Brooke

"These tickle." -James

"He is tying around me." -Micah

TS GOLD: Science and Technology #25. Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things.

Have a great week!
-Ms. Gage

Monday, April 20, 2015

Shaving Cream & Powder Paint

Today in the Oak Room we experimented with shaving cream and a powdered form of tempera paint.   The children explored the feeling and the smell of the shaving cream, while mixing different color paints into it. It was interesting to see and hear the children's reactions to this experiment!

Elizabeth said, "it smells like ginger bread."

Kate said, "look at my hands!"

Carter said, "my dad uses this to shave."

Ms. Hoisington
Teaching Strategies 24: Uses scientific inquiry skills

Clean As A Whistle!!

Today in the Walnut classroom children were able to take part in an every day cleaning chore in a new area. Often time the children want to help clean in the kitchen but due to safety hazards that is not possible. So, why not bring the kitchen to the children. In the Walnut room children are now able to wash dishes, dry them, and place them in the drying rack. The children enjoyed participating in a chore that they see many adults do on a daily basis. They shared stories and exactly how they thought cleaning dishes should go. 

Dakoda: "We need more water just a little bit. See you scrub the dishes with this." 
Olivia L.: "I have to clean all of these now." 

Gabrielle: "They can dry over here." 

Teaching Strategies: #7. Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination. #11. Demonstrates positive approaches to learning. 

~Ms. Ratliff

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Castle grand opening!

This week, children worked very hard to put the final touches on the castle they have been constructing over the last few weeks. The beginning of the week was busy as a group of children were interested in painting the outside of the castle. Today was the grand opening in the Pine room! Children were finally able to enjoy their creation and were ecstatic about it!

"Let's pretend we are komodo dragons Alex! We can be guarding the castle." -William
"Let me take a picture so you can remember your vacation in the castle" - Dakota

Objective 14: Uses symbols and images to represent something not present
b. - Engages in sociodramatic play


A Walk to the IET Building

Today, Tolga Kaya, Ela's dad, took Mrs. Nims's small group to the IET building where he works. He talked to about the building and we got to walk up to the second floor, in which Axel told a teacher that "we walked on a bridge."  Mr. Kaya also showed us a couple classrooms and we got to  meet one of his colleagues.  While in the building, the children had noticed that it has a lot of the shapes that we have been learning about.
Mr. Kaya showing the children the classrooms. "There are people on their computers in there." - Jude

The children looking at different art that students have made.

Mrs. Nims's small group

 Have a wonderful weekend!!
~Ms. Coomes

Teaching Strategies 21: Explores shapes 8: Listens to and understands increasingly complex language

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What a Wacky & Wonderful Wednesday! :)

We could not have asked for a better Wednesday! With the weather being so beautiful the lead and student teachers decided to open the outside for morning and afternoon centers. In the morning the children had the option to stay inside and find activities to do in the oak room and the maple room, along with the choice of going outdoors. The children also had this option in the afternoon but the pine and walnut rooms were open. Needless to say, although the rooms were busy too; the outside seen a lot of action. 

Let's kick the ball together

I wanna play monster.

Send this picture to my mom! 

Do you want a ride?

We're building a snowflake.
The train is coming!
We can hear the whistle.

Just a few more days left of the Spring semester!
Let's finish it strong. :) 

Ms. Roesch

Teaching Strategies: # 4, 5, 6: 
Demonstrates traveling, balancing, and gross-motor manipulative skills