Thursday, April 2, 2015

Castle construction progress

Children in the Pine room were very busy this morning brainstorming ideas to continue their castle construction. After discussing different ideas, a group of children came together and decided that they wanted to work on creating a roof.

 Children suggested to use something like the box material. With teachers help they were able to observe if the cardboard tube being used was the right size or if adjustments had to be made.
"I think we need to cut it. Maybe right about here" (pointing to where he believe it needed to be cut)- Daniel

After children compared and measured the remaining cardboard tubes, teachers cut them out to be decorated!
"Im going to use markers to decorate my piece of roof"- Owen
" I think i want to put some purple and orange flowers on my piece of roof" -Leah

Teaching Strategies Gold Objectives
Objective 11: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

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