Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hard at work!

Today the children experienced a really mixed up schedule, had the opportunity to celebrate Taco Tuesday with some special guests, and were able to spend even more time outside than usual! While they were out there, the children played with one another on the play equipment, in the sandbox, with chalk, while painting the castle, playing basketball, and with hopscotch! There were many choices and the children had lots of ideas while they were hard at work.

"Hang on to me, Danny, and we can go down together!"

"Wait Serenity, I need to catch up!"

"I filled this all the way up with that shovel!"

"I'm going to draw around my body again!"

"I'm covering up the white spots; [do] you see any?" - Alex
"I'm using lots of blue!" - Leah
"I [will] throw it really hard to make it in there."

"I will draw the hopscotch so we can play."

Cross your fingers for more beautiful weather so that we can keep up our outside work!
Miss Jones

Teaching Strategies Gold #5: balancing, #6: gross motor manipulation, #7: writing tools

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